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Video: The Craziest, Most-Automated Pizza-Vending Machine We Have Ever Seen

We've seen a lot of pizza vending machines over the years here at Slice, but this one might take the cake for the fanciest, most-automated one yet. Dubbed Pizzametry, it's a spinning, pepperoni-slicing, pizza-boxing monster of a machine. Plus, it features a giant 37-inch screen that ... well ... serves you ads before it serves you pizza. (That's kinda lame.)

Pizzas cook in 3.5 minutes, and in this video it looks like it's capable of making pepperoni, plain, and white pizzas. [via Philip Given]


Does Ordering Di Fara on Facebook Really Work?

Last week, Chicago food writer Michael Nagrant emailed me asking for some tips on scoring a Di Fara pizza in as little time as possible. "Haha, buddy," I said. "How 'bout after I finish moving this mountain?" But I told him that Di Fara had been experimenting with taking pizza orders on Facebook. "Maybe you could try that. Lemme know if it works. I'm really curious." Well, here's Mike's report. More

Di Fara Taking Pizza Orders via Facebook

On Di Fara's Facebook page, someone asks: "Can we place orders via facebook???" To which the Di Fara page improbably answers: "I do not mind at all allowing orders to be placed via facebook. the only issue is I only check in to facebook a certain time of day and if its not placed within that window of time , I may miss it ...happens often ! if you know a day or two in advance that you intend to come in, that is always helpful ..." More

Video: Pizza Plotter — Why?

I had higher hopes for this video of the Pizza Plotter when I saw the headline "Print Your Own Pizza" on Hack a Day. Looks like all it's doing is applying sauce — and way too much sauce at that. Call me when it prints crust, sauce, and cheese and then throws it in the oven. And then you could use the laser pizza cutter to slice it.... More

'Zombie Pizza' iPhone Game Free Today

The Zombie Pizza iPhone app is free today in the iTunes App Store. The game consists primarily of dragging "ingredients"—brains, hearts, bones, eyeballs, intestines—onto a pizza skin in specific orders, according to Chef Zomboni's cookbook.... More

Earn Foursquare's New Pizzaiolo Badge by Checking In at 20 Pizzerias

Reaching in to the Slice mailbag, we've got some cool news about a new Foursquare badge. (Foursquare is a social-media site and phone app that turns going out on the town into a sort of game. You earn points and badges for checking in at various places. Yo, wanted to give you a heads up that Foursquare now has a new badge...It's called Pizzaiolo... you earn it if you check in to 2520 pizzerias. Enclosed is what it looks like. Figured you might be interested. I'm betting you'll earn it soon.Cheers, Aaron... More

Video: The Making of Domino's New Pizza Recipe

Domino's just released this video, "inspired by our harshest critics," in which employees from the marketing and corporate kitchen divisions talk about the new pizza recipe that the chain started switching to last week. There's nothing shocking or surprising in the video itself, but it's worth noting that Domino's seems to be following a sort of social-media approach in pushing this new pie. See The Pizza Turnaround, after the jump.... More

How NOLA's Naked Pizza Factored In to an Online Manhunt

Photograph: @nakedpizza The New Orleans Times-Picayune has a nice summation of the complicated story behind Wired writer Evan Ratliff's "disappearance" and capture. The innovative NOLA pizzeria Naked Pizza played a large role in rooting out Ratliff. Ratliff's disappearance was engineered by Wired magazine as a stunt to show just how much of our mundane daily activity is trackable online, including ATM and credit card transactions, travel itineraries, and, the data that tipped off searchers, Ratliff's online menu-browsing. Given a small set of biographical data at the beginning of the game (August 15), Wired readers were challenged to find Ratliff... More

Video: Pizza Hut iPhone App

Pizza Hut's iPhone app got some big-time love in a new Apple iPhone commercial that debuted last week. I haven't seen the commercial yet, and I can't use the app, either, since there are no Pizza Huts in my area that do delivery--and you pretty much can't get past the first screen of the app if you're not in a delivery area. But here's how it works. Enjoy.... More

Leftovers: The Day's Stray Links

Pizza Hut: Chain launches iPhone ordering app. [USAT] LOL: "This is the box they use for pizza round our way. Not as bad as the man with the stick and the young girl, but do I really want to take a pizza from a toothless, homeless urchin? Still, I guess it is Naples, which probably means my wallet is being nicked as I take delivery of the pizza." [Le Franco Phoney] Boston: Where to find Neapolitan-style pizza. [GS Boston] Chicago: Where to find Neapolitan-style pizza. [GS Chicago] NYC > Neapolitan: Five more pizzas worth noting. [GS NYC] Seattle: When... More

Liquid Pizza in a Bulbous Test Tube

Photograph from Life, hosted by Google Bloomberg reports on something wacky: A deconstructed pizza in a bulbous test tube featured this week at a dinner in London where each course was prepared by a different Italian chef. The event took place on Monday at Dolada restaurant, whose chef Riccardo de Pra created the liquid pizza with mozzarella, tomato, basil and olive-oil components to be guzzled in one go, accompanied by chunks of crust for texture. Oh my. [via Eater SF]... More

Leftovers: The Day's Stray Links

Papa John's: An analysis of Papa John's new webcam-enabled coupon-delivery system (above) finds it clever yet frustrating. [StorefrontBacktalk] Back to Pizza Delivery: Welsh Domino's driver Jamie Pugh voted off Britain's Got Talent. [Broadway World] "Operation Pizza Surge": Uno Chicago Grill to deliver more than 25,000 pies to troops in Iraq, Afghanistan for July 4. [Pizza Marketplace] Pizza Executive Summit: Time running out to attend this industry event. "By invitation only." Whoa, high class. [Pizza Marketplace] Florida: Tucci's is the best coal-oven joint in Boca Raton. [worstpizza.com] Los Angeles: JAB reviews Pazzo Pizzeria, gives it 3 of 5 slices. "In... More

Pizza Calculator Application for the iPhone

Pizza Calculator application for the iPhone: Select from over 30 items and specialty pizzas for your portion of the pizza.Add another person and repeat until you have asked everyone.Click on Calculate.Select how much pizza each person is going to eat.The Pizza Calculator optimizes the ingredients so you get the right amount of pizza, while satisfying everyones hunger. I dunno. Sounds like more trouble than it's worth. And really, double cheese, green olives, green peppers, and ham? WTF kind of pizza is that? [via Beef Aficionado Nick]... More

Papa John's Now Twittering

Speaking of Twitter, it looks like Papa John's just started tweeting (@papajohns) making it the first of the major chains to make use of the microblogging service. The @pizzahut and @dominos usernames are either being Twitter-squatted or those outfits have not bothered to update.... More

Domino's Online Ordering Shows You Your Pizza as You Build It

Click me bigger » A tipster just emailed: "Was ordering Domino's last night and they updated their online ordering site with an application that lets you see the pizza you are building. In Flash, with really real-looking imagery. It was pretty cool." I immediately clicked over to Dominos.com to put it through its paces. I signed in, clicked on "Build Your Own Pizza," and started with a Brooklyn-Style crust.... More

Cool Video: The BBC Goes Inside a Frozen-Pizza Factory in Ireland

The BBC has a fascinating video inside a frozen pizza factory in Naas, Ireland. It's amazing how few people are needed to run the place, which turns out 2 million pizzas a week. It's all very Laverne & Shirley intro, minus the wacky charm of human beings. When the pizza "bases" are topped with to-mah-to sauce, it'll sort of remind you of the Play-Doh Mop Top Hair Shop. And the pepperoni stick machine--looks sort of like some octomonster has been caught in a trap. [via Tien Mao]... More

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