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United States of Pizza: Michigan

United States of Pizza Daniel Zemans 53 comments

When many people hear the words Michigan and pizza, chances are they next think of Domino's and Little Caesar's. While those massive chains and a couple smaller local ones do play heavily into The Wolverine State's pizza scene, there's more to Michigan pizza than that, and a ton of good locally-owned pizzerias all over the state. Here's our guide to a few Michigan favorites. More

United States of Pizza: Massachusetts

United States of Pizza Meredith Smith 41 comments

Massachusetts is a demographic melting pot from which a myriad of pizza micro-cultures have sprung. Just driving twenty minutes can land you in bar pie, sweet sauce, beach pizza, or sauce-on-top territory. Many of the best pizzerias in the state are longstanding neighborhood places that have been sustained over generations by the same family. Find those spots, and you've found what Massachusetts pizza is all about. More

United States of Pizza: Maryland

United States of Pizza Alexander Edelman 28 comments

From Baltimore to Bethesda, Silver Spring to Frederick, the quality of pizza in Maryland is rising. In order to find out the best places for slices and pies in the great state of Maryland, we checked in with Marylanders among the Serious Eats community, plus friend of Slice (and Maryland pizza expert) Pizzablogger and Richard Gorelick from the Baltimore Sun. More

United States Of Pizza: Maine

United States of Pizza Alexander Edelman 21 comments

Pizza in the state of Maine can be divided into three primary categories: the longstanding local state-wide chains that have been serving pizza to hungry Mainers for generations, Greek-style pizza baked in an oiled pan, and lately, a flowering of upstart, ingredient-focused gourmet pizza. More

United States of Pizza: Louisiana

United States of Pizza Christopher Stephens 13 comments

There's almost too much delicious food in the state of Louisiana, from boudin to beignets, muffalettas to meat pies, jambalaya to gumbo, po' boys to pralines, and seafood galore. But if pizza's what you want, you'll find quite a few good—even great—options in this guide. Looking for alligator pizza? A crawfish-topped pie? Head this way... More

United States of Pizza: Kentucky

United States of Pizza Christopher Stephens 18 comments

The Bluegrass State may be better known for the Colonel's fried chicken, but it has plenty of good pizza to offer. Louisville has a number of celebrated pizzerias, but some of the best pies can be found at restaurants that don't specialize in pizza. Outside of Louisville, you can find VPN-certified pies as well as a pizzeria that caters mostly to rock-climbers. More

The United States of Pizza: Kansas

United States of Pizza Adam Kuban 40 comments

Another week, another great state in our ongoing 50-plus-part series The United States of Pizza. This time, I'm proud to take you on a cheesy tour of my home state, the Sunflower State, Kansas. So slip off your ruby slippers,* relax, and come along. More

The United States of Pizza: Iowa

United States of Pizza Christopher Stephens 23 comments

It's time to give you a taste of Iowa's pizza options. The Hawkeye State has a wealth of pizzerias, many of which have been around for generations. College town pizza joints abound, some where the atmosphere is more memorable than the slices, but artisan pies are also being made in Des Moines (and Decorah). Be warned: it's a land of rather creative pizza toppings. Half-taco, half sauerkraut pie, anyone? More

The United States of Pizza: Indiana

United States of Pizza Nick Kindelsperger 32 comments

The story of Indiana pizza is mostly one of regional influence and corporate greed. Indiana is caught between two equally strong forces, which basically carve the state in two. On the north is the strong pull of Chicago and its thin crust, tavern-style pizza. Pizza comes in squares up there, with a strong preference for sausage. Southern Indiana, on the other hand, seems to show a lot of influence from the hands of Papa John's, which originated in the southern town of Jeffersonville, only to multiply into the third biggest chain in the country. More

The United States of Pizza: Illinois (Beyond Chicago Edition)

United States of Pizza Daniel Zemans 25 comments

In last week's edition of The United States of Pizza, we covered Chicagoland. This week, we've got recommendations for slices and pies in the rest of the great state of Illinois. Wondering where the best pizza is in Springfield? Champaign-Urbana? DeKalb? We've got you covered. Got other Illinois favorites not on our list? Let us know in the comments, please! More

The United States of Pizza: Idaho

United States of Pizza Maggie Hoffman 7 comments

At SE pizza blog Slice, we're eager to find the best pizza in every nook of these United States. This week, we've got recommendations for slices and pies in Idaho. Since Idaho's nickname is the Gem State, we weren't surprised to find quite a few possible pizza gems. More

The United States of Pizza: Hawaii

United States of Pizza Adam Kuban 13 comments

You know, if you go to an island paradise like Hawaii and turn it into some sort of quest to find THE BEST PIZZA, I think you might need to relax a bit and enjoy life. But still, if you're there and have a hankerin' for pizza, why not reach for something good? So here, the Slice gets its mainlander butt out to Hawaii (virtually, of course) for the latest installment of the United States of Pizza. More

The United States of Pizza: Georgia

United States of Pizza Aaron Mattis 27 comments

As a long-time Top Chef fan, I've seen so many dishes presented by the cheftestants that they tend to blend together. But I'll never forget Atlanta chef Richard Blais's peach and sweet tea pizza from the Season Four premiere. Blais didn't go on to win the title, but his pie demonstrated Georgia's potential as a destination for great pizza. More

The United States of Pizza: Florida

Adam Kuban 31 comments

Florida: Beaches, Disney World, retirement communities, swamps. Gators, this kind and that. Pastel art deco buildings. Crockett and Tubbs. A lot of things come to mind when you think of the Sunshine State, and though pizza might not necessarily be one of them, you might be surprised how much of the crusty, saucy, cheesy stuff is being cranked out in Florida. More

The United States of Pizza: Delaware

Adam Kuban 19 comments

You never really hear that much about Delaware pizza culture outside the state, but when you do a little digging, you come up with some nuggets. What follows are the nuggets that Slice–Serious Eats readers have provided over various Delaware-based threads — along with some intel from confidential sources within the state. Enjoy! More

The United States of Pizza: Connecticut

Adam Kuban 51 comments

If you are only a casual pizza fan, you'd be excused for underestimating Connecticut's contributions to the slice-o-sphere. After all, isn't it NYC and Chicago that get all the attention from TV shows and food writers too lazy to go beyond the tired Big Apple–Windy City rivalry? In fact, parts of Connecticut have had world-class pizza operations for upwards of 85 years. That's not to mention all the relative newcomers (emphasis on relative) that have opened in the nearly nine decades of Nutmeg State pizza ascendancy. Let's take a look at some of the options for those unfamiliar with the state's crusty, cheesy, saucy offerings. More

United States of Pizza: Colorado (Denver)

United States of Pizza Pizzalicious Lauren 27 comments

Denver seems to dominate the Centennial State for the best pizza, but great pies can be found all over Colorado. Whether you are looking for vegan pizza, a New York slice or a Colorado mountain pie, you can be sure that there is a spectacular place in the colorful state for you. More

The United States of Pizza: Where to Eat Pizza in California (Part 2, Southern California L.A.)

The Serious Eats Team 43 comments

Last week we gave you "The United States of Pizza: California (Part 1, NorCal)." Well, where there's "Part 1" there's gotta be a "Part 2," right? Here it is: Southern California. It's a doozy. Stretch your scrolling finger before you click through! More

The United States of Pizza: Where to Eat Pizza in California (Part 1, Northern California)

Adam Kuban 63 comments

And it's back! Once again, it's been a while since we dropped an installment of this 50-part series on you. Today we begin the C's with California. Yeah, it's a doozy, so we split it in two — Northern and Southern. Northern first ... More

The United States of Pizza: Arkansas

Pizzalicious Lauren 21 comments

With the help of a few friends and Arkansas-based writer and food critic Kat Robinson (the Arkansas Times), I explored some of Arkansas' most-loved pizza places. Robinson says that Arkansawyers love their thin crust, but of course there are a number of places where they happily stray from that crispy status quo. More

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