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Pizza City Guides: Tom Douglas's Seattle

To say that we trust Tom Douglas when it comes to Seattle's restaurant scene would be an understatement. We've asked him to recommend everything from his favorite eateries to Seattle's best burgers. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the chef just happened to be crowned the nation's Best Restaurateur at last year's James Beard awards. With 12 restaurants under his belt, including two pretty serious pie shops—not to mention a catering business, a line of specialty foods, and a professional bakery—we figured it was high time to get his take on Seattle's expanding pizza scene. More

Serious Pie: Seattle's Favorite Pizzeria Lives Up to Its Name

Daniel Zemans, our man in Chicago, checks in with another piece of intel from the road, this time Seattle. --The Mgmt. My camera is level; the ground in Seattle is not. [Photographs: Daniel Zemans] Serious Pie 316 Virginia St., Seattle, WA 98101 (map); (206) 838-7388‎; Website Pizza Style: Artisanal Oven Type: Wood-fired The Skinny: The Restaurant King of Seattle turns out some top-quality pies with top-notch ingredients and an incredibly airy crust Price: Pies range from $14 to $16. During happy hour, 3–5 p.m., M–F, half-sized pies are available for $5 each After three fantastic days on Orcas Island, an... More

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