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From the Freezer: Tony's Macaroni & Cheese

Frozen Pizza Meredith Smith 9 comments

It's unofficial pasta-on-pizza week here on Slice. We've polled and extolled and now we scold. More

Frozen Pizza Pockets: Can Tony's or Totino's Match the Hot Pocket?

Frozen Pizza Will Gordon 26 comments

The three brands are similar in terms of price (cheap!), nutrition statistics (ghastly!), and ingredients (most of them!). Two-packs of Hot Pockets and Tony's Pouches run about $2.50; I paid $3.69 for four smaller Totino's Stuffers, which makes them roughly the same price per ounce. Another similarity: They all look gorgeous straight out of the oven. In the photo below, you'll notice that the Hot Pocket looks like a Hot Pocket, Tony's Pouch looks like a burrito, and the Totino's Stuffer looks like an empanada. More

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