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Top This: Goat Cheese and Escarole Pizza (à la WildCraft Sourdough Pizza)

Slice: Los Angeles Kelly Bone 2 comments

At WildCraft Sourdough Pizza favorites such as the Goat Cheese and Escarole Pizza, have been on Chef Vuong's menu since opening night. Topped with a shallow of béchamel and spotted with wilted clumps of escarole and goat cheese, this pie may sound subtle. Get ready for a surprise. More

Top This: Pancetta and Brussels Sprout Leaves Pizza à la Cucina Urbana

Top This Erin Jackson Post a comment

Searching for a fun new spin on a white pie? Look no further than this Brussels sprout and pancetta pizza with Béchamel sauce from Cucina Urbana in San Diego. More

Top This: The Giardinera at Co.

Top This Eunice Choi 4 comments

ere in New York, it's officially fall. Luckily, there's still some late summer produce to be found, and Jim Lahey's Chelsea pizzeria Co. is eking out the last of the eggplants, squash, and peppers for its Giardinera pie. More

Top This: The Horatio, Featuring a Truffle Butter-Fried Egg (à la Delancey Pizzeria & Bar)

Slice: Los Angeles Kelly Bone 2 comments

By now, we all instinctually withdraw from truffle oil pizza, but truffles pizza is still a great combination. An obvious solution sits on the menu at Delancey Pizzeria & Bar: The truffle butter-topped Horatio. More

Top This: Eggplant Parmesan Pizza (à la Pitfire Artisan Pizza)

Slice: Los Angeles Kelly Bone 7 comments

Pitfire Artisan Pizza's seasonal Eggplant Parmesan pie may sound like heavy comfort food, but the LA pizzeria takes a lighter approach to the hefty nightshade. At the base of the pie are translucent sheets of grilled eggplant, aubergine skin peeking out from beneath the blanket of blistered cheese and sweet cherry tomatoes. Executive Chef Andrew Lakin walks us though the making of this summery pizza. More

Top This: Brussels Pie (à la The Privateer Coal Fire Pizza)

Top This Kelly Bone 4 comments

Privateer Coal Fire Pizza's Brussels Pie is topped with a creamy white base scattered with ribbons of pancetta and finished with a slaw of lemon vinaigrette-tossed brussels sprouts. This pizza has similar elements to another Top This favorite, but the execution is entirely different—and thoroughly delicious. More

Top This: Cavolfiori (à la Stella 34)

Slice: New York Erin Mosbaugh 2 comments

Located high above midtown on the top floor of Macy's department store, Stella 34 serves Neapolitan pizza that's worth talking about. The Cavolfiori is a white pie with a base of creamy cauliflower purée, strewn with thinly sliced Meyer lemon and roasted cauliflower florets, and finished with golden breadcrumbs for texture. Although your kitchen may not have the same stunning view of the Empire State Building as the Stella 34 dining room, you can still recreate the restaurant's Cavolfiori pie at home. More

Top This: The Village Deep Dish Pie (à la Union Pizza Company)

Slice: Los Angeles Kelly Bone 4 comments

Union Pizza Company's The Village deep dish pizza is loaded with pepperoni, Italian sausage, smoked ham, sautéed mushrooms, thick sauce, and a pound of cheese. Owner Bruce Markoe pays special attention to the meats, with a technique that ensures his pie stays crisp and light. Well, as light at a five pound pool of pizza can hope to be.,, More

Top This: The Hellboy (à la Paulie Gee's)

Top This Erin Mosbaugh 13 comments

Three years ago, Paulie Giannone told then-music supervisor Mike Kurtz he could apprentice at his newly opened pizzeria, Paulie Gee's. Mike told Paulie, "Next week, when I come in, I'm going to bring my condiment." It wasn't long before the two pizzaioli figured out that Mike's chile and vinegar-spiked honey and Paulie's Dellboy pizza (a salty, meaty, piquant pizza made with spicy sopressata, fresh mozz, and parmigiano reggiano) were a match made in pizza heaven. And that's how the aptly named Hellboy, a must-order pie on the Paulie Gee's menu, was born. More

Top This: 'At Last' at Federal Pizza, Phoenix

Top This Erin Jackson 3 comments

In Phoenix, Federal Pizza's "At Last" pie features a bevvy of unusual veggie toppings, from fresno chilies to lemon zest. By all means, do try this at home. More

Top This: Spinaci e Pomodoro (à la LaRocco's Pizzera)

Slice: Los Angeles Kelly Bone 1 comment

At LaRocco's Pizzera, the Spinaci e Pomodoro highlights fresh produce. The baby spinach leaves and halved cherry tomatoes are lightly touched with heat, drawing out flavor while retaining their vibrant color. This pizza takes full advantage of residual heat, gentling wilting the leaves and transforming the fruit into warm cherry tomato bombs. More

The Pizza Lab: Pesto Pizza

The Pizza Lab J. Kenji López-Alt 23 comments

Back when I was a wee food labber who spent his summers at band camp,* my favorite day of the summer was when the camp's cook, Glen, would make his pesto. We'd have a camp-wide pesto spaghetti eating contest, in which I may have been the only competitor. This simultaneously made me a winner and a complete loser each time. What can I say? I loved my pesto back then as much as I love it now. Today, we're gonna stick it on pizza. But first, a few words to the wise. More

Top This: Baby Sinclair (à la Roberta's)

Top This Erin Mosbaugh 6 comments

We caught up with pizza boss Lauren Calhoun at Roberta's in Bushwick to find out how to make the Baby Sinclair, an earthy pie topped with aged cheddar, dinosaur kale, maitake mushrooms, and Calabrian chilis. See the step-by-step instructions in the slideshow. More

Top This: Syracuse-Style Hot Wing Pizza à la Tomato Pie Pizza Joint

Slice: Los Angeles Kelly Bone 9 comments

We already know that Slice'rs give Buffalo Chicken Pizza two thumbs up, thanks to our rigorous, highly scientific research. And the folks over at Sliver Lake's Tomato Pie Pizza Joint couldn't agree more...but some of their customers beg to differ. More

Top This: Il Greco (à la Tufino Pizzeria Napoletana)

Top This Erin Mosbaugh 1 comment

Astoria's Tufino Pizzeria isn't just winning over the hearts of Queens' residents; those outside the borough have been flocking to Ditmars Blvd. for a taste of the restaurant's beautifully crafted Neapolitan pies. More

Top This: The Salad Pizza (à la Grey Block Pizza)

Slice: Los Angeles Kelly Bone 13 comments

It's the pizza you love to hate! Yet Grey Block Pizza has built a reputation on Salad Pizza. When owner Thomas Schiffer noticed customers frequently orderd pizza and salad he seized the opportunity to create a combos—no, not a combo, a combos—by smashing the two together. More

Top This: The Quadruple Chili Threat

Top This J. Kenji López-Alt 9 comments

Last weekend, with Serious Eats fresh on the heels of a pepperoni taste test and a pepper jack cheese taste test, myself fresh on the heels of a just-starting-to-fade hangover, and a kitchen stocked with pickled jalapeños and a freshly cracked jar of red chili flakes, I did some quick mental math and came up with an equation that would take care of all these loose variables. It went something like this. More

How To Dress Up Your Frozen Pizza Right

J. Kenji López-Alt 7 comments

What's that? You're too darn busy to make your own pizza? Even if it's The World's Easiest No-Knead No-Stretch Pan Pizza? Or the perfect-for-a-large-crowd, almost-100%-hands-off Party-Sized Square Pie? I get it. There's a time and a place for frozen pizza, and perhaps that time is Sunday and that place is your living room. More

Top This: Nutella, Berry, and Ricotta Stuffed Pizza (à la Keste)

Slice: New York Erin Mosbaugh 4 comments

Want to impress your pizza-loving lady this Valentine's Day? For this installment of Top This, Kesté pizzaiolo Roberto Caporuscio shows us how to make a pizza stuffed with nutella, berries, and ricotta. More

Top This: Bánh Mì (à la Mohawk Bend)

Slice: Los Angeles Kelly Bone 2 comments

When chef Mike Garbs* took charge of the kitchen at Mohawk Bend he originally resisted the urge bring one of his favorite flavor combinations—the herbs and heat of a bánh mì—to the pizza menu (although he is not alone in this craving). More

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