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This Hotel Lets You Order Pizza at the Push of a Button

Kate Andersen 6 comments

You've just arrived to your hotel after a soul-sucking flight (or train trip, or car ride), and you're starving—it's late, room service isn't an option, and the vending machine down the hall promises nothing more than a sugar crash down the line. You roll over in bed in despair, when your eyes alight on curious salvation: a pizza button. On the phone. A button on the phone for pizza. More

How Not to Reheat Pizza: Desperate Hotel Room Slice Reheat

Dear Slice Adam Kuban 24 comments

Insanity from our inbox: "I just came back from eating too much pizza in San Fran, and since I had a hotel room full of leftovers with no oven or microwave, I had to get more creative. I thought you would get a kick out of my desperate attempt at reheat my slice with a hair dryer." More

A Slice for Cerberus

Adam Kuban 5 comments

Airlines these days are great for delays and diversions, but they're not particularly good at customer service. But in the New York Times's "On the Road" column, Joe Sharkey focuses on two separate instances—in Syracuse and Albany, New York—in which pizza was ordered in for groups of stranded passengers. "I’m not going to keep you on the plane. I’m going to pull up to a gate where you can get off, as long as you wait there in case we have to leave. I know you’ve only had cheese and crackers. So I called the Sbarro in the terminal and... More

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