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'Slice of Brooklyn' on The Travel Channel

Meredith Smith 8 comments

Tony Muia, of A Slice of Brooklyn pizza tours, is starring in a new show on The Travel Channel that premieres tonight at 10pm. The show will follow Tony and his "consiglieri" (pictured above) as they highlight the food and history of their neighborhood and defend their turf against the threat of larger tour companies. More

Pizza TV: Travel Channel's 'Food Wars' Pits Grimaldi's Against John's of Bleecker

Adam Kuban 9 comments

Oh, boy. This week the Travel Channel will be airing an episode of Food Wars that pits Grimaldi's against John's of Bleecker. Above is a preview video. There are probably some nits to pick, primarily that the host says "San Marzano tomatoes, in Italy it's the only kind of tomato they're allowed to use by law." I hardly doubt that. I'm sure she got the whole certified DOP/VPN stuff confused. But it's TV — they're always starting trouble ;) Looks like it'll be worth a watch. They've got friend of Slice Mark Bello of Pizza a Casa as one... More

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