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Travel + Leisure Ranks America's Best Pizza Cities

Niki Achitoff-Gray 51 comments

The March issue of Travel and Leisure is out, featuring a ranking of America's 20 best cities for pizza. For those who don't feel like clicking through the whole slideshow, we've laid out the full list below. Something tells me that SE pizza enthusiasts will have a thing or two to say about this particular order... More

Chicago Is the Best Pizza City in the U.S. (So Sayeth 'Travel & Leisure' Magazine)

Adam Kuban 43 comments

You may have caught this link already, but check it. Travel & Leisure magazine has unleashed some magical ranking mojo on U.S. cities, listing them in categories including Cleanliness, Theater and Performance Art, Barbecue, and, yes, Pizza. Chicago, my friends, ranks No. 1 for pizza. More

'Travel and Leisure' Picks the Top Pizza in the U.S.

Quick Bites Adam Kuban 20 comments

In no particular order, Travel and Leisure's top picks for pizza in the U.S. are: Co., Manhattan [Slice intel »] Piecasso, Stowe VT Antica, LA [Slice intel »] Liberty Tavern, Arlington VA Di Fara, Brooklyn [Slice intel »] Great Lake, Chicago [Slice intel »] Sosta, Miami Joe's, Manhattan [Slice intel »] Burt's Place, Chicago [Slice intel »] Flour + Water, San Francisco [Slice intel »] Motorino, Brooklyn [Slice intel »] I'm happy to see that Slice has intel on nine of the 11 here. I guess I'll have to trek up to Stowe, do some skiing, and eat some pizza... More

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