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Slicester: 'Beware of the Underdog'

This just in from the Slice mailbag, with the subject line "pizza in CT." Dear Slice, So, I'm a devoted pizza addict and enjoy your website. I feel compelled to write because everyone loves an underdog and I keep seeing emails posted from people recommending Modern Apizza. Make no mistake, these are people who want to root for the underdog for the sake that they can one day say "I was a fan before they were famous". There is no comparison to Sally's (or Pepe's Clam). Modern produces a nice, fresh, relatively non-distinctive wood-fired pizza. All you can say is... More

Di Fara Reopening: 6/23?

Di Fara Watch is to Pizza as iPhone is to Gadgets. I know. You're getting sick of it. But many Slicesters want to know. The latest update, as of 20 minutes ago, thanks to Slice reader "Ropa Vieja," is that Dom & Co. are set for tomorrow.... More

Openings: Dean's Pizzeria & Restaurant

Dean's Pizzeria & Restaurant, a new Nick Angelis–affiliated joint is opening on the Upper West Side, as reported by the New York Times yesterday. Angelis is the man behind Nick's (locations in Forest Hills and on the Upper East Side) and Adrienne's Pizzabar (Financial District), and he's helping his sister, Mirene, with this venture. Located in a former hotel ballroom with Greek columns and elaborate crown molding, Dean’s, along with its full Italian menu and full bar, is offering both an “old school round pizza” ($13 and $15, plus toppings) and an “old-fashioned square pizza,” ($16, plus toppings). The latter... More

Di Fara Reopening: 'Should Be Tomorrow'

In what has become an almost daily ritual, my call to Di Fara this morning yielded the response that the joint should be open tomorrow (Thursday, June 21). See you tomorrow. Signed, Your Daily Di Fara Correspondent Photograph from Gothamist.com... More

Help: Where's the Good Pizza in Puerto Rico?

Over on Serious Eats, Slice's parent site, one of our readers, Lou, asked: By the way, Adam, you know so much about pizza; what's the best pizza place in the central mountains of Puerto Rico? All we have is the disgusting Pizza Hut. Que lastima. While I've learned more than a little about pizza in the years I've been Slicing, I'm stumped. So I promised Lou I'd open this question up to all you Homeslices out there. Any tips for Lou? Note to Lou: Apologies for taking so long to punt this query to the Slicesters!... More

Di Fara Reopening: 'Could Be Tuesday'

I just got off the phone with Dom DeMarco, proprietor of Di Fara, looking for an update on the reopening. The Dominator confirms that the joint is not open as of today—they're still waiting on an inspector to come out and give them the go-ahead. If that happens today, they'll reopen on Monday. But Dom's take was that the city would be more likely to send someone out Monday, slating the pizzeria for a Tuesday reopening.... More

Di Fara on WNYC

Tune into WNYC NOW! In New York City: 93.9 FM They're talking about Di Fara. Right now! Outside Gotham (if you care): http://www.wnyc.org/ Update It's over. Was only a short 10-minute segment at 10 a.m. EDT. New York State Senator Jeff Klein was a guest on the show, and he had some more info on the situation at Di Fara. Klein: "The Department of Health right now may be overreacting. Because of the Taco Bell incident, they're going out and giving violation after violation." Senator Klein said he had been studying California's system as an example, in which a grading... More

Di Fara: More Info + Pizza Burning

Di Fara, taken in better days just a couple weeks ago. The New York Times has its take on the most recent Di Fara DOH closing, with a bit more on possible duration of the shuttering: Ms. DeMarco, 30, said her family was scheduled to appear at a city tribunal on June 14 to produce the paperwork and to determine any fines and the next steps. Until then, she said, “we sit around and wait; nothing we can do about it.” And while we're talking about Di Fara, let me mention something that has made me almost as sad... More

That's Amore: 'You ate my pizza and walked away!'

does anyone know Jenny Walsh - m4w - 21: She's a really cool pizza girl I meet her at Kings Canyon National park. I went back there and they told me she left. if anyone knows her please reply back. Adorable Parsons student I met at Trader Joe's just now - 25 (Union Square): you - tired but beautiful Korean-Vietnamese from Maryland. I loved talking to you and would like to do that again! Let's go out to that pizza place on Spring, have a desert at Rice-to-Riches and see how it goes! What do you say? Amber, you ate... More

Eater: 'Di Fara's Closed Indefinitely'

Holy crap, pizza freaks! Di Fara has been closed for an indeterminate period by the New York City Department of Health. Says Eater, which broke the story: In a stunning and shocking turn of events, we're now able to confirm with 100% certainty that Di Fara has again been shut down by the Department of Health. Furthermore, with the pizzeria having failed five of their last six inspections, Dom DeMarco's pride and joy will remain closed until further notice. Here is the statement just issued to us by the Heath Department. The statement says that the department came in... More

DOH Breathing Down Di Fara's Neck Again

From the always-on-it Eater, which received a message from a tipster: Was just waiting for my pie at ave. J's di fara and watched a doh official tape a yellow "closed" sign on the window. One reason was that the window was open. De Marco himself was so distracted he wasn't hand cutting basil and grating cheese atop the pies. Even without the added ingredients, pizza was still great. First the problems in March, now this? And because he had the pass-through window open? That seems ridiculous. How many restaurants have whole façades that open up?... More

Frank Bruni Disses Il Brigante

Remember that rave review Village Voice food critic Robert Sietsema gave Il Brigante the other week? New York Times food critic Frank Bruni says, "huh," slamming the new pizzeria and, by extension, Sietsema. If his point is that Neapolitan pizza is unduly romanticized, and that your standard pizza pie in Naples is not necessarily some gastronomically wondrous epiphany, then O.K., there’s some merit to what he’s saying. But his point seems to be that he loved this pie. My lunch companion and I found nothing lovable about it. I haven't been yet, but now I'm even more curious...... More


Beatles pizzas, from a series of celebrity tribute pies at Angelina's Pizzeria in Cambridge, Vermont. [via Friend of Slice Kristan K., via Urban Honking]... More

The City's New Best Pizza?

The Village Voice's Robert Sietsema thinks he's found it at Il Brigante: At its heart, Il Brigante is a pizzeria, and a damn good one. The rear wall is dominated by a flickering wood-burning hearth inside a limestone proscenium, where a sweating and grunting pizzaiolo is the star of his own small repertory theater. In the style of southern Italy, the 10-inch pies are intended for individual consumption. In fact, the margherita ($10) is the city's most perfect evocation of the true Naples style (even surpassing top spots like Una Pizza Napoletana and La Pizza Fresca). Starting with an irregular... More

LA's Mozza in the 'New York Times'

The New York Times heads west and checks out the pizza at Mozza, the Mario Batali–Nancy Silverton upscale pizza joint in Los Angeles. Ms. Silverton, who started her career as a pastry chef and is an accomplished baker, makes crusts with extraordinary character: softly chewy in spots, crisply charred in others, ever so faintly sweet, even more faintly sour. There’s some rye flour in her dough and some malt, and she lets it sit for 36 hours before she uses it.... Although not conventionally thick, her crusts are denser and weightier than the Neapolitan ideal, reflecting her stated love of... More

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