'Union Hall' on Serious Eats

The Year in Pizza at Adult Education

Thanks to everyone out there who showed up to hear about "The Year in Pizza" at Adult Ed last night. My talk kind of got off to a rocky start (I'm not much of a public speaker), but thanks to your early laughs (either sincere or politely feigned), I soon found my bearings and delivered a not-horrible speech. Thanks, too, to Carrie McLaren and Stay Free! for presenting the series; Charles Star for emceeing; Jim Hanas for asking me to speak; and fellow speakers Patrick Di Justo, Joe Garden, and Marian Salzman; and, of course, Union Hall for providing... More

What You're Doing Next Tuesday: Adult Education at Union Hall

I'll be speaking as part of a fun year-end wrap-up at Union Hall in Park Slope. My topic? Pizza, what else? Also speaking will be Patrick Di Justo with "Things We Lost" (the bygones of 2008) Joe Garden with "Welcome to the Night" (the year in vampires), and Marian Salzman with "The Year of Payback" (why the buzzword for 2009 will be "reboot"). The retrospective will be 2009's first installment of Adult Education, self-described as "a useless lecture series" and also as "a monthly event series where various speakers present brief, multimedia lectures on a shared theme." Attendees are advised... More

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