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Would You Rather Have Good Bad Pizza, or Bad Good Pizza?

J. Kenji López-Alt 76 comments

There is bad "good" pizza—pizza made with high quality ingredients that aspire to a high goal but fall short—and good "bad" pizza—pizza with low quality ingredients and no special goal that still manages to be great in certain situations. Which type of pizza do you prefer? More

After All These Years: V&T Pizzeria

Adam Kuban 13 comments

Yesterday I blabbled about Pizza Moto at the Brooklyn Bridge Flea. Today, I share with you another weekend pizza trip I made—to V&T Pizzeria in Morningside Heights. I know that this is going to punch some nostalgia buttons among you Columbia alumni in the audience—but it might also make you want to punch me. See, I didn't think V&T was all that.... More

Daily News Pizza Roundup

Adam Kuban 3 comments

This is another week-old one that we neglected to post about during our renovation. The Daily News did a roundup of New York City's best pizzerias last week. As we told Eater, the new foodblog from the folks who brought you Curbed: A nice roundup, I think. A lot of it is old hat to me, but there were some nice surprises in there, particularly a couple Brooklyn places (Graziella's, Laura's) that have been lurking one or two neighborhoods over from Slice HQ.Irene Sax knows her stuff, and I agree with most of her assessments, although I don't know why... More

V&T Pizzeria

Adam Kuban 24 comments

I SAW THE SIGN: With its charming neon sign and stories of classicly gruff New York–waitstaff attitude, we wanted so much to like V&T. But the pizza just didn't do it for us.V&T Pizzeria is a Morningside Heights spot that often draws raves in many of the various "best of" stories that run in the city's various publications at various times of the year. We don't know why. On recent visits to this oft-spoke-of Italian eatery, we found the pies to be thin but soggy, laden with both too much cheese and too much sauce, and only a couple notches... More

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