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Waldy's Bacon, Chicken, Chipotle Pizza

OK, Robby T., I had the pizza you recommended. I've gotta say, good call on the toppings. You know I'm generally not an outré toppings kinda guy, but bacon and chipotle—how can you say no? Chicken I could take or leave, but I wanted to stay faithful to your rec. Anyway, man—I gotta say, great combo. But that crust. It was still as tough as I remember. My solution was to place two slices cheese side together and pretend I was eating a delicious chipotle chicken club sandwich.... More

Dear Slice: Why Not Try a Bacon, Chicken, Chipotle Pizza from Waldy's?

You should try the bacon, chicken, chipotle pizza at Waldy's on Sixth Avenue. --Robby T. -------------------- Dear Robby, I'll try it just for the topping combo, which sounds kind of interesting. Now the crust delivering those toppings ... it needs some work. Waldy's is actually fairly close to the Slice office, but I gave up on it after too many tough-crusted pies. That par-baking thing that they try to sell as a plus on the website ("The crust is par baked ahead of time rather than pre-cooking the entire pizza then reheating it, which creates a uniquely crisp texture") just... More

Waldy's Wood Fired Pizza in the Times

The New York Times reviews Waldy's Wood Fired Pizza & Penne in its Under $25 column today and comes away with a hit and miss conclusion: Here's the good news about his new pizza venture: toppings, especially the more adventurous ones, are largely top-notch. Few linen-draped restaurants can boast of lamb as succulently braised as what's served here with bits of roasted lemon on one of the specialty pies (half-pies are $5 to $6; small pizzas are $9 to $14; large are $14 to $19). But the crust makes or breaks a pizza, and at Waldy's, prestretched dough sits in... More

Daily News Pizza Roundup

This is another week-old one that we neglected to post about during our renovation. The Daily News did a roundup of New York City's best pizzerias last week. As we told Eater, the new foodblog from the folks who brought you Curbed: A nice roundup, I think. A lot of it is old hat to me, but there were some nice surprises in there, particularly a couple Brooklyn places (Graziella's, Laura's) that have been lurking one or two neighborhoods over from Slice HQ.Irene Sax knows her stuff, and I agree with most of her assessments, although I don't know why... More

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