'Whole Foods' on Serious Eats

Taste Test: 5 Frozen Pepperoni Pizzas

"Sadly, frozen pizza will never develop that primordial ooze that truly good pizza has." [Photographs: Robyn Lee] Brings to mind... Dr. Oetker Frozen Pizza » Totino's Party Pizza as "Pizzarito" » Surreal '60s Pizza Roll Commercial » With so many frozen pizza brands claiming to use higher-quality ingredients and "new recipe formulas," aiming to taste like, well, not frozen pizza, we decided to cruise the freezer aisle and load up the shopping cart to see if any of them were actually decent. Not so surprisingly, this didn't win for most delicious and exciting taste test at Slice–Serious Eats headquarters. The... More

Whole Foods Cafeteria

CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS, WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THAT?The future of New York pizza just arrived, and I'm depressed just thinking about it. Not knowing quite what to expect from Whole Foods's endeavor at the highly touted Time Warner Center, Our Leader and I journeyed to Columbus Circle for lunch last Friday. I left once again doubting that old, uneducated pizza adage: even when it's bad, it's still pretty good. In this culture-shock mall, we headed straight to the lower level for Whole Foods (Manhattan's largest grocery store). There is little else to see in this eighty-story glass-and-steel behemoth, which seems... More

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