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Field Report: Sizzle Pie, Portland, Oregon

This could arguably be the best brick-and-mortar New York–ish slice in Stumptown. A crisp thin crust, a sauce that nicely balances sweet and savory, and a judiciously distributed blanket of dry-aged mozzarella. Its most glaring fault is the lack of life at the rim. Both slices I sampled—one plain ($3) and one pepperoni ($3.25)—catwalked an edge crust that was almost completely flat and relatively insubstantial in the flavor department. I visited on only their fifth day being open, so know that there's plenty of time for them to improve. That said, I definitely plan on returning. It's a quality greasy slice for a decent value and in a convenient location. More

Portland, Oregon: Portobello Vegan Trattoria

Portobello Vegan Trattoria first caught my eye while reading about New Zealand transplant/pizza chef Will Fain on various food sites. I knew Fain had a knack for homemade Margherita oven-hack pies with fresh mozz and a hankering for DiFara's pepperoni, so to find out that he'd signed on as cheeseless, meatless pizzaiolo had my head spinning. I knew this would be a challenge for me as eater, and must certainly be one for him as cook. But their website advertises "traditional, Neapolitan-inspired pizzas," so I was eager to check it out. More

My Pie Monday: Will Fain Goes Pro

[Photographs: Will Fain] Wow. Longtime Slice'r Will Fain (who goes by egadman on Slice/SE) seems to have parlayed his Pizza Obsessive-ness into a full-time pizza gig in Portland, Oregon. He sends in this MPM entry of a test pie from his new venture: I've been hired as a the pizzaiolo at Portobello Vegan Trattoria. It's been fun so far. The new restaurant space is opening on Wednesday. It'll be my first time as part of a kitchen line. Should be an interesting experience. I'll try to keep up my blog with amusing anecdotes. So far I've just been just... More

Pizza Obsessive: Will Fain (with Recipe!)

I've "known" Will Fain for years now—at least through email and the comments here on Slice. He's given me countless heads-ups to crazy and cool and tasty pizza intel from around the world and the web — as well as some great tips on Portland, Oregon, pizza before I made my recent trip there. He's this week's Pizza Obsessive. Get to know him! —The Mgmt. Will Fain, pizza obsessive. [Photograph: Will Fain] Name: Will Fain Location: Portland, Oregon Occupation: Graphic designer/production artist Website: egadman.blogspot.com What type of pizza do you prefer? What people seem to be calling New York–Neapolitan. I... More

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