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Serious Eats Talk: Good Pizza Near Yankee Stadium?

ardubs81 asks: Headin' down to the bronx from rochester tonight for a yankee game, staying on brook ave about a mile from the stadium and was wondering if there was any great or especially worthwhile pizza in the direct vicinity. Thinkin whole pie, delivery or takeout after the game. Any suggestions pizza or otherwise (planning on enjoying some jamaican food at the feeding tree pregame..) would be much appreciated... Pizza-eatin' Yanks fans can answer here »... More

Buy Me Some Pizza and Cracker Jack

Just got back from tonight's Yankees vs. Indians game (Yankees, 1-0). The seats kicked ass; the pizza didn't. It's Famous Famiglia, which you may be familiar with from one of its many locations in New York City or around the country. As one of my companions this evening said, "Eh. It's no better or no worse than Sbarro." You know the score -- I'd recommend sticking to the equally overpriced but more traditional hot dog, peanuts, and beer menu. Slices are $4.50 (!!!) each for plain or pepperoni and are sized smaller than typical slice-joint portions. Here's the upskirt:... More

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