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Dear Slice: Zimari Dollar Slices 'Not as Bad as You'd Expect'

Dear Slice Adam Kuban 1 comment

Clicking in to the Slice inbox today, some intel from our friend Fred. --The Mgmt. I went to Zimari this afternoon, and the $1 slice is not as bad as you'd expect (he raved). The crust is kind of cardboardy, but I've had a lot worse at more expensive places, and the cheese and sauce are quite decent; the latter has sort of a basil flavor, though no actual basil of course.Recommended procedure is to take out your slice from Zimari and then go the hot-dog vendor at the southeast corner of 33rd and Park, who has an oddly large... More

Openings: Zimari Pizza, Another Dollar-Slice Joint

Quick Bites Adam Kuban 2 comments

Another opening for you. Grub Street reports that Zimari Pizza is open (as of last week) and serving $1 slices, $8 pies. Cheese only for now. Zimari Pizza: 31st Street b/n Park and Lexington avenues... More

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