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Video: Interview with Juan Hermosillo, the Guy Tossing Pizzas in the Visa Commercial

If you're asking yourself, "Who is the pizza guy in the Visa commercial?" you're not alone. Since Visa started airing the commercial again about a month ago, I've seen a spike in keyword searches coming from Google, where people are looking to ID the pizza-tosser. As we've pointed out before, his name is Juan Hermosillo, and he's a member of the United States Pizza Team, which describes itself as "a group of pizza-makers and dough acrobats whose goal is to bring the world's attention to the talent and camaraderie of the pizza industry." Mr. Hermosillo works for Canadian chain... More

Video: Domino's Stalks People Who Haven't Tried Its New Recipe

You've gotta hand it to Domino's. The pizza chain is approaching Burger King levels when it comes to viral marketing stunts. In this video they've concocted elaborate personalized ad campaigns for three men who still hadn't tried the new pizza, creating custom billboards and radio spots and going as far as flashing messages on a traffic alert sign and sending up an airplane banner. More

Vintage Pizza Ads from 'Vintage Ad Browser'

[Tearsheets: Vintage Ad Browser] FoS Mark Graban sends along a link to the Vintage Ad Browser and its pizza-related materials, which he found via Seth Godin's blog. I love the one for Chef Boyardee "Chinese pizza," the copy of which also lists ideas for "Spanish pizza," and "American pizza." This reminds me, too, of something I've had in the Slice archives (the physical archives) for a couple years. FoS Fred S. passed along. (It's posted here, after the jump.)... More

Videos: Classic Drive-in Intermissions for Pizza

Norman just emailed me an audio file of a classic intermission promo for pizza from a drive-in theater. (Remember drive-ins? They were fun, weren't they?) Anyway, I did some digging and found a number of these spots on YouTube. An array of drive-in pizza ads appears after the jump. What's kind of amazing is how good some of the pizzas look in these promos. They remind me of some of the pizza you see from these pizza parlors that have been around "since 195x," which isn't surprising, given when these clips were made.... More

Video: Tabasco Singing Pepperoni Pizza Commercial

OK. I just saw this while watching The Daily Show tonight, and I have to say, it really, really weirds me out. While I know people who dig Tabasco on their pizza, I'm now afraid that shaking some of the hot stuff on my slice would cause it to break out in a greasy barbershop quartet. Do you add Tabasco to your pizza? (Video, after the jump.)... More

In Videos: The Pizza Man in the Visa 'Mambo Italiano' Commercial

In a Q&A in the New York Times, the paper's advertising columnist answers reader questions. One question: Who is that wonderful pizza man in the Visa commercial? I love the commercial every time I see it.I have to admit that I'm not sure I would want to eat a pizza that has run over his back and down his arm. But oh, I sure like to watch that sexy guy. The short answer: Juan Hermosillo, who works for Pizza Pizza in Ontario. Now you know where he works; maybe you can watch him in person. Related Pizza-Tossing Antics ...... More

CiCi's Pizza Wants You to See a Penny, Pick It Up

In a move somewhat reminiscent of Burger King's lost wallet marketing stunt, CiCi's Pizza is distributing one million pennies on sidewalks around its 650 locations. The pennies are stickered with various coupons—free meals, free drinks, buy-one-get-one free. The pizza-buffet chain, with locations in 30 states, started the promotion yesterday.... More

In Videos: Rain's South Korean Pizza Hut Commercial

Most Americans not familiar with South Korean pop culture probably know Rain--if at all--from The Colbert Report, where host Stephen Colbert has had a longstanding fake feud with the ultra-popular pop singer, dancer, model, and actor. (Rain topped Colbert in a 2007 Time magazine online reader poll of "100 Most Influential People.") Well, here's one more thing Rain has on Colbert--a Pizza Hut commercial. [The video, after the jump.]... More

Free Pizza from TD Bank

From the New York Times: Since Nov. 1, TD Bank, part of the TD Bank Financial Group, has been buying pizzas from pizzerias near its branches and giving them away to anyone who orders a pie to be delivered from those restaurants on, say, a Friday night.The estimated 20,000 pizzas come in boxes emblazoned with the logo of TD Bank, formed by the combination of TD Banknorth and Commerce Bank. [via Brian Preston-Campbell]... More

'The Economist' Pizza Boxes

The Economist wants college students to learn more about global affairs while chowing down on pizza. The publication's new branded boxes use pie charts to express statistics on global wheat consumption, arable crop land, and cheese imports, as part of their "get a world view campaign." Twenty pizzerias nearby Philadelphia-area college campuses will distribute the boxes. Kind of reminds me of the back of cereal boxes, except this knowledge seem heavier (less word searches).... More

In Videos: Mac vs. PC in Apple Computer Pizza Box Ad

"Come eat me. I'm a delicious pizza." I'm not the first to point out that the Apple vs. PC ads are annoying. John Hodgman as the personification of "PC" is much more likable than Justin Long as "Mac." But even though these ads unintentionally make me a PC fan, they're usually pretty fun. In the latest Apple commercial, PC hides in a pizza box, as it's the only way he figures college students will choose him. Watch the video, after the jump.... More

Papa John's Crop Circle

It's in a field outside Denver International Airport, in anticipation of folks flying in for the Democratic National Convention there. Big photo here: http://www.businesswire.com/portal/site/home/permalink/?ndmViewId=multimedia_detail&newsLang=en&eid=5749019... More

Dear Slice: Domino's Gotham City Pizza

Clicking in to the Slice inbox this morning, we've got a message and some photos from our homeslice P.G. (aka Prairie). Dear Adam and fellow Slice obsessives, Long time no talk. How have you been? I've been well, though I wish I could be speaking to you on better terms. You see, at this very moment, I am digesting one of Domino's Gotham City Pizzas. The things I do for this site. Some of you may remember that I tipped Slice on this last month, and the tie-ins have really ramped up since then. Domino's has created a signature pizza,... More

Domino's Creates Fake 'Gotham City Pizzeria' Website as Batman Tie-In

I've gotta hand it to Domino's. They've come up with a pretty clever viral-marketing stunt in the creation of the fictional Gotham City Pizzeria website. It's got just enough detail to be fun, with an About Us page that gives the owners' story ("more than 200 locations throughout the City ... Now nobody has an excuse to eat bad pizza in Gotham") and Our Pledge to Gotham, in which GCP promises to support Batman. Two-Face Trailer: There's a "secret" link to a Two-Face trailer if you hover over the "HA" in Gotham on the GCP page. [Tip o' the hat... More

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