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Daily Slice: Veggie at Live Fire Pizza, SFO

Airport eating tends to fall into two categories: on-the-fly meals that you stuff into your carryon as you race through the terminal—Yes, Chex Mix and Chips Ahoy totally count as a balanced lunch if you're flying—and those airport meals meant to kill a little more time, because you got there too early, or, god forbid, your flight is delayed. The pizzas at Live Fire in the Napa Farms Market at San Francisco International Airport take a few minutes, so they won't work in the first case, but as far as airport pizza goes, you could do much, much worse. More

The United States of Pizza: Alaska

Continuing the 50-part series that is The United States of Pizza, here's Jenn Sit makin' like a cheechako in the Last Frontier. —The Mgmt. Although I worry that a pizza oven would threaten the structural integrity of an igloo, Spencer Shroyer (editor of the Anchorage Daily News's Play Magazine), my invaluable source of Alaskan pizza intel, showed me that wood-fired ovens do indeed exist in the Land of the Midnight Sun. All Alaska jokes aside, we in the Lower 48 must overcome our Rudolph-ladened imaginings of Meat Lover pies strewn with caribou, moose, and reindeer sausage (a topping option at... More

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