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'Salt & Fat' on Anchovy Pizza, and a Recipe for Tomato-Butter Sauce

[Photograph: Salt & Fat] Last week, Patrick Filler directed me to this post on the blog Salt & Fat about anchovy-topped pizza. First, let's note that this is a cheeseless pizza. This is not so because I'm vegan, lactose-intolerant, or because I'm watching my fat intake. It's simply because not every pizza needs cheese. It's not a hippie affectation, not a menu substitution: cheeseless pizza is its own fully-fledged thing. In this case, had I added cheese, the garlic and the fresh oregano would've fought it somewhat. I wanted a salty-bread type of feeling to my dinner, and the... More

Controversial Sheriff Joe Arpaio and His Pizza Pranks

I never thought I'd have reason to blog about Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio here on Slice, much less post a photo of him with wackadoodle Paula Abdul. [Photograph: mcso.org] If you don't live in Arizona, chances are you know Joe Arpaio from his many media appearances. He's the controversial sheriff whose harsh measures against inmates and, in the last several years, illegal immigrants, have drawn fire from critics. One of those critics, the Arizona Republic's E. J. Montini, reports in this column that the sheriff has been sending the columnist anchovy pizzas any time Montini writes a negative... More

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