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My Pie Monday: Pizza Bunnies, Fennel Fronds, Tuna and More!

While there weren't any Peepzas this My Pie Monday, we did get some Pizza Bunnies, thanks to Norma. Overall, this seemed to be a good week for playing around with new dough formulas. Andrew Janjigian, Imwalkin, ccd2012, and livefreeorpie all worked on variations of the Lahey No Knead method, and Norma and Atmast revisited their new formulas from last week. Dmcavanagh made a change to his dough as well, but in terms of size rather than formula. While there were a lot of Lahey-like pies, other big name doughs got some representation too. Hogletboglet worked with a Reinhart dough, and Burger365 built a pizza on a Nancy Silverton base. A pair of pies from the most recent Tupper Lake Pizza Night were sent in by Tupper Cooks! and Dhorst. (By the way, the aleppo "crack" epidemic spreads beyond the Dhorst territories, into Imwalkin's neck of the woods.) Embracing baseball season, billgraney made a B.A.T pie with bacon, arugula, and Tomato. And amusebouche1 did some spring cleaning and created a cheese drawer salvation pie. In the vein of 'toppings you didn't know you needed to try' we have the ever excellent brussels sprouts and pancetta pie from TXCraig1 and a Tuna and Onion pie (referenced by Bitchin Fixins in the comments of that post) from newcomer onepercent99. Keep up the awesome work everyone! More

My Pie Monday: Pumpkin, Welfleet Clams, Tuna and More!

Happy Halloween! On My Pie Monday this week Jimmyg got into the Halloween spirit with a pumpkin topped pie. We have some new contributors represented including mekdigital who has sent in a home wood-fired tuna and red onion pizza, Gregg Dunn made a marinara style with basil and garlic on top, and Josh from Austin has a pepperoni pie in the line up. Amusebouche1 submitted a variation of a Margherita and Slice contributor Andrew Janjigian sent in a Wellfleet clam, bacon, and cream topped pie that ranked as a favorite at a recent pizza birthday party he hosted. More

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