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Di Fara to Sell Di Fara T-Shirts

According to a Di Fara Facebook status update, the pizzeria will be selling T-shirts soon: "Received notification that T-shirts will be in our possession on Wednesday June 23! We will have them in four colors — black, white, light blue, and pink! All but the white will be selling for $15; the white will be $14." See also: Restaurant Shirts Are the New Concert Tee »... More

Customized Pizza-Themed Keds

[Photograph: Pizzalicious] Lauren of the blog Pizzalicious points out that you can make customized pizza-themed Keds. Sure enough. Go to the Keds Collective customizer and you can upload your own images onto the upper, tongue, heel, outside quarter, and inside quarter. The shoes start at $60 for women and $50 for kids. Sadly, men's options are "coming soon." I think Lauren's design is just about perfect, but I wanted to get into the shoe-design business myself, so I whipped up a pair of my own (after the jump).... More

I [Slice] NY T-Shirt Update

Dear Homeslices Who Have Ordered I [Slice] NY T-Shirts, Since many of you are asking—and because I should have updated you all earlier—I wanted to give a status report on the I [Slice] NY tees. I apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience on these. They were just shipped via UPS, and I expect them to arrive at Slice headquarters by the week's end. If they arrive by Friday (and I think they will), I'll be shipping them first thing Monday morning. Again, sorry for the delay on these. They should be in your hands shortly.... More

A Slice of Christmas

Welcome back from the long weekend. I trust that those of you who celebrate Christmas have chosen, chopped, and lugged home your trees or have dragged the artificial Tannenbaum up from the basement. No? Well, get a move on, folks. Where else are you going to hang these awesome pizza ornaments? The one at left is from bronners.com ($7.99, plus S&H), and the one at right is available from Urban Outfitters ($10, in stores or from website). Pizza Christmas Ornament [bronners.com] Pizza Slice Glass Ornament [Urban Outfitters] Ornament tip via Friend of Slice Joe S. Thanks, Joe!... More

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