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'Adventure Time' Comic Book Cover Featuring Rainbow Pizza

If you like the Cartoon Network show Adventure Time (and if you don't like it, I'll just assume you haven't seen it yet), you may want to get your hands on upcoming issue #4 of the Adventure Time comic book series coming out May 30. One of the four covers drawn by illustrator Scott Campbell features a bunch of the main characters sharing pizza. ...Rainbow pizza. Probably delicious, but since we don't live in the Land of Ooo we'll never know. [wipes away a tear] More

John Riepenhoff's Recursive Pizza

A few weeks ago, Slice'r Tim Harrington emailed me the photo you see at left. "I can't stop looking at it," Tim said. Neither can I. After doing some digging, I found it was the work of Milwaukee-based artist John Riepenhoff. You know I had to get him in the hot seat on this one. Here's a quick Q&A with him about his pizzas within a pizza. More

A Belated Thank You for These Mysterious and Cool Pizza Stickers

So I'm cleaning off my desk today, and I find this mysterious envelope I received in early August. Inside a bright-yellow envelope addressed with red ink (from one M. Dettloff in Ypsilanti, Michigan), I found two smaller square envelopes reminiscent of pizza boxes (above). After donning my anti-anthrax biohazard suit, I opened the smaller envelopes and found these stickers:... More

'Sup, Homeslice: We Talk to Andy Sachs, the Artist Who Painted Dom DeMarco

Two weeks ago, we showed you the new portrait of Dom DeMarco that now hangs in Di Fara. Today, we talk to Andy Sachs, the artist who painted it. —The Mgmt. There's obviously a lot of attention to detail in that painting. How long have you been a regular at Di Fara, and how long did you have to study Dom's ways to capture his likeness so well? I've been a loyal fan ever since I moved back to Brooklyn (from Plainview, Long Island) in 2001. I had a blind date who recognized that I lived only a few blocks... More

Money Pizza

Money Pizza is an promotional concept for an imaginary pizza chain that sells a $5 pizza. The magnetic fridge-based coin keeper holds $5 in change. As its creator, artist Matt Brown, says, "The concept eliminates the shame people feel when they pay for something all in change. No counting involved with this, both cashier and customer know exactly how much money there is on that pie." Of course you're still left scrounging for the tip. [via EMD]... More

'Pizza Corpse' Book Launch

I took some art history courses in college. Did they prepare me for this? Pizza Corpse is an exquisite framing of the artist's nostalgia, social and cultural associations; interest in the grotesque, hygiene and self-image, corporal perturbations, and any other greasy subject related to these concerns in and out of the box. All of the featured artists are Yale School of Art graduate students or recent graduates, who grinningly pulled the book's topic out of a hat. This strategy not only introduced a re-examination of Fluxus terms for the compilation, but it also served as a method to display contemporary... More

Slice-cycles: Pizza Cutters as Art

Take a spin: Artist Frankie Flood's pizza cutters take inspiration from chopper motorcycles and fringe culture. Clockwise from top left: Mantis (2003), Psycho Pizza Cadillac (2003), Easy Rider (2001), Pizza for Life (2002), and Phatboy (2003). [Credit: Frankie Flood] Some of you might have caught these pizza cutters yesterday on gadget blog Gizmodo. If you didn't see them there, behold them here. Artist Frankie Flood creates "machined pizza cutters [that] draw inspiration from chopper motorcycles and attempt to reclaim the mythology and economic usefulness of the American worker as patriarch; translating machine or functional object into flesh and blood."... More

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