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Daily Slice: The Stuffed Artichoke Grandma Slice at Nonna's LES Pizzeria

I was pleasantly surprised when I laid eyes on Nonna's LES stuffed-artichoke creation. The base, a grandma slice topped with house-made fresh mozzarella and just enough creamed spinach is excellent on its own, plenty garlicky, light, and crisp. To be sure, I did wonder how to go about eating the artichoke, which is stuffed with ricotta and topped with a strip of roasted red pepper — until I was offered a knife and fork. More

'Kick-Ass' Artichoke Slice at Newly Opened Previti in Midtown

Zach Brooks of Midtown Lunch reports on the artichoke square slice at Previti: "Their artichoke pizza comes topped with a truffled spinach and cream sauce thing that they make in house every day. It also has real artichoke hearts (bonus!) unlike Artichoke in the East Village. It's basically the best of both worlds. You can get it as a regular slice, or as a square slice." Previti Pizza: 122 East 41st Street, New York NY 10168 (Lex/Park; map); 212-557-4992; previtipizza.com... More

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