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Los Angeles: 'Spice It Up' at The Pizza Studio

Slice: Los Angeles Kelly Bone 4 comments

"Variety's the very spice of life," says William Cowper and all your cliché filled friends. At Los Angeles' The Pizza Studio, variety may not be the spice of your life, but it is the key to pleasing a lot of people and selling a lot of pizzas. More

Daily Slice: The Pizza Press, Anaheim, CA

Daily Slice Kelly Bone 5 comments

Stranded at a seminar in Anaheim, I bypassed the hotel buffet and walked down Harbor Blvd to The Pizza Press. Situated directly across the street from Disneyland, the former Quiznos was converted into a(nother) fast causal pizzeria. Opened in June 2012, the name references the newspaper theme of the shop—which looks nothing like, but reminds me of a 90's Subway—and the press used to par-bake the crust. More

A Pizza My Mind: Fast Casual Pizza

Kelly Bone 19 comments

Love it or hate it, the fast casual / quick service / Chiptole-ization of pizza is here to stay. The novelty of lining up and specifying topping via a Chiptole / Subway / Pinkberry / Panera assembly line isn't wearing off... it's popping up across the country. More

Is the Chipotle Model Transforming Chain Pizza?

Meredith Smith 24 comments

If you caught yesterday's 800 Degree review, then you may have noticed how the pizzeria's Chipotle approach sparked some debate in comments section. That assembly-line approach is spreading quickly as a pizza franchise concept. Is this just a way for chain restaurants to re-package their product, or can these new pizzerias raise the bar for pizza chains? More

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