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My Pizza Oven: Mark Graban, Fort Worth, Texas

I'm happy to highlight Mark Graban's pizza oven here on the site today. Mark was actually the first Slice reader to ever contact me and send me links and info about a backyard pizza oven. This must have been back in early 2007 or so. Since then, I've checked in on his blog* periodically to see what he's up to. Without further ado, let's fire up this Q&A! --The Mgmt. [Photographs: Mark Graban] When did you put it in? Our inspiration for the oven was the world-famous (rightfully so) Pizzeria Bianco. My wife and I used to live in Phoenix,... More

My Pizza Oven: Mark Wilkie, Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn

When I put out a call for people to be featured in the My Pizza Oven series, I never thought I'd get a response from someone who lived a mile away from me in Brooklyn. I mean, it's New York City--not that many people have their own yards here, and of those who do, how many are crazy* enough to put in a backyard pizza oven? Nice to see an oven grow here. --The Mgmt. Mark Wilkie's oven--just finished over the weekend. [Photographs: Mark Wilkie] You put a pizza oven in the garden of your Brooklyn home. First question, then:... More

My Pizza Oven: Nick and Robin Gladdis, Paso Robles, California

Last week I blogged up Steve O.'s backyard pizza oven in Wisconsin, asking at the end of that post for photos and stories from any other home-based pizza-makers. Not more than nine hours later, Nick Gladdis's email came in: Adam,I'll bite. Here are some shots of an oven my wife, Robin, and I built, completely, over the course of eight months in 2008. And for the weenies who say they can't, I'm 65 years old. Best thing we ever did, and it complements our olive farm (10 acres with six planted in just less than 1,900 trees). All this... More

My Pizza Oven: Steve O. in Wisconsin

Wisconsin home pizza-maker Steve O. emailed me these pix of his backyard wood-burning pizza oven. So I asked him some questions. Here's a Q&A with him. --The Mgmt. When did you put it in, who put it in; did you hire someone? I put it in a few years ago with the help of a good friend of mine, Corey. We did everything except for the masonary part of the oven. How often do you use it? Probably eight times a month in the warmer weather, but during the colder months, probably only twice a month. I have been known... More

Paulie Gee Profiled in 'Pizza Oven Lifestyles' Piece

Photographs courtesy of Paulie Gee If you're a regular reader of Slice, Paulie Gee needs no introduction. For the rest of you heathens who drop by only occasionally, I'll spell it out. Paulie Gee is all over the comments here on Slice, responding with great tips on eating pizza in the NYC area and with sage advice on making pizza at home. GoodEater.org He knows what he's talking about. The guy seems to be at every pizzeria at once, and when he's at home, he's making what looks to be a killer line-up of pies in his backyard wood-burning... More

My Pizza Oven: Dan Curry, Kansas City

Last week on Slice, I showed you some photos of a home-built backyard pizza oven in Kansas City with a promise that I'd try to chat with the builder. Here's the result, a quick interview with its builder-owner. Name: Dan Curry Age: 31 Location: Kansas City Occupation: Lawyer I've been told you used eight different kinds of brick and took seven months to build this oven. True? Just two kinds of bricks, fire bricks, and a few regular bricks. I did use five different kinds of concrete.... More

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