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Colorado Pizzeria Offering Free Pies If Rays Win World Series

"I will give you free pizza if the Rays win." —John Keiley, Johnny's New York Pizza John Keiley of Johnny's New York Pizza & Pasta in the Denver suburb of Lakewood likes to give away free pizza when certain athletic teams win. First it was his hometown Colorado Rockies in June 2007. When the underdogs actually beat the Yankees, he gave away 2,500 pizzas (worth $12,000) to celebrate the victory. Then it was football. Last season, he promised that if any NFL team could go 16-0, he'd give away free pies. Well, the New England Patriots took on his dare,... More

Buy Me Some Pizza and Cracker Jack

Just got back from tonight's Yankees vs. Indians game (Yankees, 1-0). The seats kicked ass; the pizza didn't. It's Famous Famiglia, which you may be familiar with from one of its many locations in New York City or around the country. As one of my companions this evening said, "Eh. It's no better or no worse than Sbarro." You know the score -- I'd recommend sticking to the equally overpriced but more traditional hot dog, peanuts, and beer menu. Slices are $4.50 (!!!) each for plain or pepperoni and are sized smaller than typical slice-joint portions. Here's the upskirt:... More

Cascarino's at Shea Stadium

KAZUO GANBATTE! * Kazuo Matsui's Seibu Lions card, with an actual piece of a game-used baseball (top left). Shea Stadium, or, as Seltzerboy likes to call it, "Shea International Airport" (top right). Mets players swarm Cliff Floyd, whose ninth-inning single drove in the game's winning run (middle). The food directory that led us to the pizza stand (above left). FOS (Friend of Slice) H.S. digs into (but doesn't dig) a lackluster slice (above right) at Shea. When it comes to sports, this reporter couldn't care less who's on first or who f_ _ _ed around and got a triple double.... More

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