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How 'Bout Spicy Globe Basil?

Dear Slice Adam Kuban 12 comments

Awesome! Great email in the inbox today from dhorst. —The Mgmt. [Photograph: dhorst] Adam,I loved Pizzablogger's photos of the Neapolitan basil and look forward to growing it next year. I thought the flavor profile seems quite similar to my spicy globe basil, but the size and sturdiness of the leaf is much smaller and more delicate. I've attached a photo with a quarter and dime for comparison in size, just for fun. And, hah, I figured out how to size it to 600 pixels wide.Thanks for all the advice Slice readers.Also, has anyone out there used lemon basil on pizza?... More

Basil on a Pizza: Before or After Baking?

Aaron Mattis 35 comments

Dom DeMarco scissoring fresh basil onto a pizza at Di Fara. And, yes, we know that pizza is burned! [Photograph: Adam Kuban] Pizzablogger's informative email about Neapolitan basil got us at Slice HQ thinking about the many ways basil can be added to a pie. Do you like basil added before the pie goes in the oven so its flavor mingles with that of the sauce or added after the pie comes out of the oven so it doesn't wilt? And how do you like 'dem leaves—whole or cut into a chiffonade?... More

Neapolitan Basil: A Flavor That Stands Up Well to High Heat

Adam Kuban 6 comments

"Any of you eaten or grown Neapolitan basil? I've grown Sweet, Genovese, Greek, and Thai before, but never Neapolitan.... The leaves are quite large and the flavor is very different....with a pronounced licorice flavor and some pepperiness...." More

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