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Video: 'Pedaling NYC, Pizza Fixation'

From Vimeo: The very first episode of our new series PEDALING: NYC follows our single-speed host, Chris Jaeckle, and his two fixie friends from Manhattan's Lower East Side into the heart of Brooklyn in search of a mobile pizza oven. Deciding to throw a curve ball at their pal Dave (PizzaMoto), they pick up some unusual pizza fixins at the foodie mecca, Whole Foods Market on Bowery. Watch how their challenge unfolds... [via Pamparius]... More

Pizza Bike Ride This Sunday to Di Fara, L&B Spumoni Gardens

[Photograph: Adam Kuban] Making its way around Twitter today attached to the hashtag #bikenyc is word that there's going to be a pizza bike ride in Brooklyn this Sunday, November 22, weather permitting. Meet at Brooklyn's Grand Army Plaza at 11 a.m. From there, the ride will hit Di Fara and then L&B Spumoni Garden. I'm thinking of joining this ride, but if a lot of people join in (and, hey, the more, the merrier), I'm just wondering how things will work at Di Fara. A large group of cyclists descending on Di Fara would be a recipe for... More

Bicycle That's a Combination Beer Hall, Pizza Delivery Vehicle, and DJ Booth

[Photograph: Elly Blue on Flickr] Portlanders are mad about bikes. As Bike Snob puts it, "Portland's chief export is now officially freakish cycling." From themed rides (Michael Jackson death ride, a solstice ride) to bicycle and unicycle polo, there's nothing that these folks won't do on a bike. Which is why it did not surprise me to see the Hopworks Urban Brewery (HUB) beer-and-pizza bicycle. This thing carries two kegs under a built-in inlaid-wood bar, has a rear rack that carries a stack of pizzas, and even has a wood pannier that's actually a sound system. Built by Metrofiets,... More

Pizza Loader: A DIY Pizza Rack for Your Xtracycle

The Pizza Loader, a DIY project from Xtracycle. This is admittedly niche, but, heck, if you're a pizzeria owner or someone looking for a new career in pizza delivery, this one might be for you. The folks at Xtracycle, makers of the Radish, a sort of extended-wheelbase bicycle with extra room for cargo, have posted instructions on making a pizza-ferrying rack—with parts easily available from Ikea.... More

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