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Chain Reaction: Pizza Hut's Big Pizza Sliders

Chain Pizza Casey Barber 32 comments

Pizza Hut's new Big Pizza Sliders aren't going to change the way you eat pizza forever—at least, not until they throw a few more topping on those things... More

This Totally Exists: Hot Dog-Encrusted Shrimp Tempura Pizza with Mayonnaise

Niki Achitoff-Gray 30 comments

Pizza Hut has been blowing up the internet this week. The latest development? This utterly fascinating shot of Pizza Hut China's "hotdog encrusted shrimp tempura pizza with mayonnaise," courtesy of Globe and Mail photojournalist John Lehmann. Because someone, somewhere-most-likely-in-China, actually came up with this. And now, people can eat it. Woah. More

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