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Poll: Do You Eat Pizza for Breakfast?

Meredith Smith 30 comments

Remember the old saying: "Beer, it's not just for breakfast"? I always imagined a slice of leftover pizza in the morning beer drinker's free hand. But, honestly, that isn't a fair representation of the role pizza has played in my own morning eating routine. There is rarely beer involved. While I would like to pretend that I am refined enough to only eat the pizza someone bakes for the express purpose of breakfast eating, the truth more often than not, is that I wake up ravenous and am still thinking of last night's pie waiting in the fridge. It takes real restraint on my part for those leftover slices to make it to noon. Whether it gets eaten cold or hot, is another story. More

Top This: Mushroom and Farm Egg Pizza (à la ABC Kitchen)

Top This Erin Mosbaugh 8 comments

There is something alluring about a golden egg yolk running all over your pizza. At Jean-Georges Vongerichten's Greenmarket-inspired ABC Kitchen in New York, Chef Dan Kluger takes breakfast pizza to new heights by placing an oh-so-runny farm egg atop his earthy wild mushroom, Parmesan, and oregano pie. Did we mention that he throws a little homemade ricotta and tangy Tomme-style cheese in there for good measure? It's a pizza I'm definitely going to want to make at home. More

Daily Slice: 'Eggs in Purgatory' Pizza at Ortine

Daily Slice Carey Jones 3 comments

We've written about Ortine's breakfast pizza before, but since that date, they've added new breakfast pizzas to their menu, including "Eggs in Purgatory" ($12). More

Seattle: Wake Up and Set Your Mouth Ablaze at Mioposto Caffe e Pizzeria

Slice: Seattle Adam Lindsley 8 comments

Hear the word pizza and breakfast is rarely the first meal that comes to mind. The combination of tomato sauce, salty cheese, and cured meats just seems to lend itself to a lunch- or dinnertime item, but slap an egg on it, and suddenly it's completely acceptable breakfast material. Since Mioposto Caffe e Pizzeria seems to focus just as heavily on its coffee as its Italian eats, it was smart decision for them to offer something the locals could devour while sipping their lattes on rainy Seattle mornings, and their spicy breakfast pizza fits the bill admirably. More

Daily Slice: Breakfast Pizza from J&J South Philly Pizza

Daily Slice Hawk Krall Post a comment

Almost every pizzeria in South Philly offers a breakfast pizza. At first, I assumed that these pies would be regular pizzas with eggs and maybe bacon or sausage thrown on top. So one hungover Sunday morning I ordered a small plain breakfast pizza ($4.95) at J&J South Philly Pizza. More

Philadelphia: Old Italian Pizza at Uncle Oogie's Is a Neighborhood Treasure

Hawk Krall 17 comments

Cheesesteak pizza and bacon buffalo fries are great for a thrill, but the Old Italian is something I'll come back for. Pizza like this gives me hope for Philadelphia holding its own in the pizza world. More

Daily Slice: Brunch Pizza at Campo de'Fiori, Park Slope, Brooklyn

Daily Slice Carey Jones 3 comments

Walk up to the counter at Campo de'Fiori in Brooklyn's Park Slope and it's hard not to feel hungry, with squares of mozzarella and prosciutto-topped pizza spread before you. But my favorite order on the weekend is called simply the Brunch Special ($6.50)—a sizeable square of potato, onion, and bacon-topped pizza with a poached egg and salad. It's simple but prepared with attention to detail: I thought I'd need a shake of salt on the poached egg, but found the underside already salted; the yolk broke open in a perfect, slow ooze. With the egg spilling over what's essentially hash browns, bacon, and bread all at once, it's everything good about brunch in a slice of pizza, and of a size that left me satisfied rather than comatose. More

Daily Slice: Hangover Brunch Pizza from Vesta, Astoria, Queens

Daily Slice Adam Kuban 12 comments

The wife (aka "Girl Slice") and I go to Vesta for dinner maybe every 3 weeks to a month—it's just a bit north of our general price range; individual dishes there are affordable but end up adding up when you start adding in sides and apps and drinks. But I digress. Tired of the breakfast and brunch options immediately near our home, we decided to try Vesta on a recent Sunday. I ordered the Hangover Pizza, topped with potato, pancetta, sausage, fried eggs, and a spicy tomato sauce. More

Poll: Eggs on Pizza - Way or No Way?

Quick Bites Adam Kuban 49 comments

After watching Nate Appleman make "breakfast pizzas" for last week's Pieman's Craft video snippet, we all got to talking here at SE/Slice HQ. How many people are into eggs on their pizza? I won't reveal what the breakdown was here in the office until later — after all you have had your say. So what say you? Eggs on pizza: Way or no way? » More

The Pieman's Craft: Pulino's Breakfast Pizza with Nate Appleman

The Pieman's Craft The Slice Team 16 comments

For this installment of the Pieman's Craft, we talked to Nate Appleman of Pulino's Bar & Pizzeria in New York City to see how he makes the Salsiccia, one of the signature breakfast pizzas there. An indulgent pie perfect for sharing in the morning or at brunch, it's topped with mozzarella and grana padano cheeses, bacon, sausage uncannily reminiscent of the Jimmy Dean variety, and a couple of eggs. More

Gastro Chic's DIY Breakfast Pizza

Adam Kuban 8 comments

It's not like it's that difficult to do, but don't the results look great? Gastro Chic posts a photo of and recipe for turning your leftover slice of wood-fired pizza into "breakfast pizza." Now, are you sure you just wanna eat it cold the next day? More

Motorino Manhattan to Serve Brunch Egg Pizza (Pizza al'Uovo)

Adam Kuban 3 comments

Motorino Brooklyn's egg pizza, served at brunch on weekends. Manhattan now gettin' it, too. [Photograph: Carey Jones] Another day, another Motorino Manhattan mention. Slice just received word that starting this weekend the Manhattan Motorino will be serving the Pizza Al'Uovo ($15) that's long been available at the Brooklyn branch. Look for it Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Motorino East Village 349 East 12th Street, New York NY 10003 (at First Ave; map) 212-777-2644; motorinopizza.com Related Ortine vs. Motorino: Two Breakfast Pizzas in Brooklyn » Motorino East Village Expands Delivery Zone to Houston Street » Girl... More

Breakfast Pizza at Motorino

Adam Kuban 2 comments

The Strong Buzz reports reports that there's breakfast pizza on the menu at Motorino. The joint is now serving brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. All dishes are $10, with coffee or juice. Says Strong, "Mathieu Palombino is turning pizza into the breakfast food of champions with pies topped with creamy fior di latte, fluffy farm eggs, smoky pancetta, and handfuls of basil and Parmiggiano." If you're too much of a purist to go for a breakfast pizza, the "panetti" sandwiches there sound pretty good: "made from Motorino’s pizza dough stuffed with the likes of... More

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