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San Diego: Project Pie Opens in Hillcrest, With Many More to Come

Erin Jackson 6 comments

Fast-casual pizza chain Project Pie recently opened up in San Diego, with locations to come in NYC, Boulder, Washington D.C., and several cities in Texas. Based on my test-drive, I can honestly say this is a good thing. More

Chili's Tests 4 Kinds of Pizza in Some Locations

Carey Jones 3 comments

The bar-and-grill chain Chili's, a place you probably associate more closely with ribs and Awesome Blossom fried onions, is testing pizza in some markets, Nation's Restaurant News reports. Taco Pizza, anyone? More

Chain Reaction: Domino's Artisan Carbonara

Chain Pizza Will Gordon 16 comments

First, why is this pizza "artisanal"? Because it's rectangular and thinnish of crust, silly! So how is this pizza "carbonara"? Because it features pork and irregular dairy, and because Domino's says so. Good enough for me. Eatin' time. More

From the Freezer: Uno's Artisan Crust Frozen Pizza

Frozen Pizza Will Gordon 30 comments

Any frozen pie retailing for north of $5 really needs to be legitimately good eating. I've had recent and pleasant experience with the in-house version of Uno's Artisan Thin Crust pizzas, so I figured I'd start my exploration of the deluxe frozen pizza market with the icebox rendition. More

A Taste of the Cheeseburger Crown Crust Pizza from Pizza Hut in the Middle East

Arva Ahmed 37 comments

A few days ago, Robyn Lee had posted about the burger reincarnation of a pizza that Pizza Hut in the Middle East has created in their murky pizza laboratories. Today, having grabbed lunch at a Pizza Hut branch in Dubai, I'll tell you what the cheeseburger pizza construction actually tastes like. More

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