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Charred vs. Burned Debate Takes Hold in San Francisco

A spectrum of crust doneness. [Photographs: Adam Kuban] Oh, boy. It took a while, but it looks like the whole charred vs. burned debate, whose head is oft reared here on Slice, has finally broken into a blaze in San Francisco. From Inside Scoop SF: San Francisco Chronicle food critic Michael Bauer answers, quoting Pizzeria Bianco's Chris Bianco: "'Pizza is like snowflakes. No two look the same. At some moment, there's a line of perfection and you're there for it.'" See also: Burning Questions, Sort of Answered »... More

This Week's Poll Results: Burning Questions, Sort of Answered

That was therapeutic, wasn't it? I think this week's little group session on "charring" vs. "burned" helped us all work through the issue and come to a better understanding of carbonized crust, of ourselves, and of each other. Though folks in the gimme-char (72%) and the char-it-not (29%)* camps may never see eye to eye, I think the discussion helped us all see the others' arguments, thanks to lots of great insight in the comments. * Yes, I'm aware that adds up to 101%. I think the polling software rounds up with a hand that's a little too heavy.... More

Comment of the Day: It's Like Toast

A spectrum of crust doneness. [Photographs: Adam Kuban] "It's exactly like toast. You take it too far and you can't eat it and it smells burnt, not enough and it's not properly toasted and lacking that signature toasted taste and aroma. And, of course, people like every shade in between." —kenito... More

Poll: Do You Like 'Charred' Pizza?

Some folks say that "char" is essential to a good pizza. It lends a certain smokiness to the flavor and serves as a visual indicator that the oven is crazy hot enough to produce a good pie. Others say, "D'oh! That's BURNED--don't try to sell me on some 'artful char' BS." Where do you stand? More

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