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Comic: Internet Pizza

Niki Achitoff-Gray 5 comments

As always, Nedroid's comics have successfully tapped directly into my pizza brain. The internet's pretty great, but I simply won't be satisfied until I can download my pie in 5 minutes or less. Sound too good (or bad) to be true? You're probably right, at least when it comes to enjoying a quality pie. But grabbing a pizza off the internet isn't quite as sci-fi as you might think. Check out this video on 3D printing. More

Comic: How to Cut A Pizza

Meredith Smith 12 comments

A Nedroid guide to cutting pizzas for all sized pizza parties. More

Comic: Pusheen Pizza How-to

Meredith Smith 11 comments

Just when I thought it wasn't possible to love Pusheen any more, she goes and learns to make pizza! More

'Adventure Time' Comic Book Cover Featuring Rainbow Pizza

Robyn Lee Post a comment

If you like the Cartoon Network show Adventure Time (and if you don't like it, I'll just assume you haven't seen it yet), you may want to get your hands on upcoming issue #4 of the Adventure Time comic book series coming out May 30. One of the four covers drawn by illustrator Scott Campbell features a bunch of the main characters sharing pizza. ...Rainbow pizza. Probably delicious, but since we don't live in the Land of Ooo we'll never know. [wipes away a tear] More

'You Forgot My Anchovies'

Adam Kuban 4 comments

If they could actually get a fax machine to deliver pizza, it might be worth owning the circa-1995 technology. Here, the web comic Gunshow imagines such a world. More

There's a Message in This Somewhere

Adam Kuban Post a comment

The Diesel Sweeties comic strip from December 21 had a pizza theme. Tip o' the hat to Dan Dickinson for calling my attention to it. Click on the first panel here to jump over to the Diesel Sweeties site to read the punchline, which I still don't get.... More

I Am Taking Over Slice ...

Slice Dude 2 comments
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