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Stalker Pizza Mascot!

Meredith Smith 2 comments

Stop whatever you are doing and watch these new commercials from Mellow Mushroom! They're so good that if you get caught watching them at work, you'll probably get a raise. More

Do Not Watch This If You Hold Willie and Waylon in High Regard

Adam Kuban 3 comments

I think I kinda vaguely remember this commercial for Pizza Hut's stuffed-crust pizza. I mean, it sort of rings a bell. But as a Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings fan* I think I also blocked it out as being too traumatic. If you are a fan of Willie and/or Waylon, do not watch this.

* "Luckenbach, Texas" is probably in my top 8 songs of all time.


Video: Rush Limbaugh Pizza Commercial

Adam Kuban Post a comment

What? Who knew that Rush Limbaugh did a commercial for Pizza Hut? [via Slice Harvester]... More

Video: 'Pizza Hut Is Much More Awesome in Other Countries'

Adam Kuban 11 comments

Zach "Midtown Lunch" Brooks writes: Knowing you, this was probably on Slice a million years ago — but just in case it wasn't, here you go :-) ------------------------------------------------------------ Actually, we've featured a lot of wacky pizza videos from Asia, but this is the first time this particular one, from South Korea, has crossed my desk. Thanks, Zach!... More

Video: Interview with Juan Hermosillo, the Guy Tossing Pizzas in the Visa Commercial

Adam Kuban 4 comments

If you're asking yourself, "Who is the pizza guy in the Visa commercial?" you're not alone. Since Visa started airing the commercial again about a month ago, I've seen a spike in keyword searches coming from Google, where people are looking to ID the pizza-tosser. As we've pointed out before, his name is Juan Hermosillo, and he's a member of the United States Pizza Team, which describes itself as "a group of pizza-makers and dough acrobats whose goal is to bring the world's attention to the talent and camaraderie of the pizza industry." Mr. Hermosillo works for Canadian chain... More

Video: Tabasco Singing Pepperoni Pizza Commercial

Adam Kuban 15 comments

OK. I just saw this while watching The Daily Show tonight, and I have to say, it really, really weirds me out. While I know people who dig Tabasco on their pizza, I'm now afraid that shaking some of the hot stuff on my slice would cause it to break out in a greasy barbershop quartet. Do you add Tabasco to your pizza? (Video, after the jump.)... More

In Videos: The Pizza Man in the Visa 'Mambo Italiano' Commercial

Adam Kuban 8 comments

In a Q&A in the New York Times, the paper's advertising columnist answers reader questions. One question: Who is that wonderful pizza man in the Visa commercial? I love the commercial every time I see it.I have to admit that I'm not sure I would want to eat a pizza that has run over his back and down his arm. But oh, I sure like to watch that sexy guy. The short answer: Juan Hermosillo, who works for Pizza Pizza in Ontario. Now you know where he works; maybe you can watch him in person. Related Pizza-Tossing Antics ...... More

In Videos: Rain's South Korean Pizza Hut Commercial

Adam Kuban 7 comments

Most Americans not familiar with South Korean pop culture probably know Rain--if at all--from The Colbert Report, where host Stephen Colbert has had a longstanding fake feud with the ultra-popular pop singer, dancer, model, and actor. (Rain topped Colbert in a 2007 Time magazine online reader poll of "100 Most Influential People.") Well, here's one more thing Rain has on Colbert--a Pizza Hut commercial. [The video, after the jump.]... More

1987 'Pizza Party' Board Game Commercial

Adam Kuban 2 comments

I'd forgotten all about this board game until finding this video on YouTube. Please excuse the poor video quality: If I remember correctly, I think my sister may have gotten it for Christmas one year.... More

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