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Mike's Hot Honey: You Need to Try It

[Photograph: Mike's Hot Honey/Facebook] In September of last year I was shooting some Pieman's Craft videos at Paulie Gee's (The Egyptian Technique and Making the Rooftop Red). On one of the "outtake" pizzas, a Delboy (normally topped with mozzarella, Parmesan, and hot soppressata) owner-pizzaiolo Paul Giannone drizzled a little bit of what looked like honey on the pizza. "That's now a 'Hell Boy,'" he said. Turns out the honey was Mike's Hot Honey, a chile-infused honey that Paulie Gee's bartender Mike Kurtz has been making here in Brooklyn for about seven years. I've been obsessed with the stuff ever... More

Top This: Hot Oil

The Colony Grill's hot oil pizza inspired my own foray into preparing and using this condiment. [Photograph: Adam Kuban] I first had hot oil on pizza at the Colony Grill in Stamford, Connecticut, and I loved the stuff. Less a true "topping" than a condiment, it nevertheless has the power to transform a plain pizza into a just-spicy-enough affair. Its slow burn is satisfying on an, ahem, chilly day but not overpowering enough to keep you from tasting the rest of your slice. After the jump, a quick take on making a quick chile-infused oil.... More

From Serious Eats Talk: 'Favorite Pizza Condiment?'

"Pizza with Ketchup and Mustard," 2006. [Photograph: La Mariposa on Flickr] On Slice parent site Serious Eats, KWBrown asks, "I know some people would look down on putting condiments on pizza, but I'm just curious to see what people like to add to their slice. Sometimes I cover mine in hot sauce." Find that appealing or appalling? Talk, blab, and/or share your 2¢ here » See also: Do You Put Ranch Dressing on Pizza?... More

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