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Totonno's: Back at It

Slice: New York Chris E. Crowley 18 comments

We set out for Coney Island last weekend for a long overdue taste of Totonno's. The pizzeria has only been open for a matter of weeks, since completing post-Sandy repairs, but they haven't skipped a beat. The pies? Better than ever. More

Nothing To Fear: Totonno's Is Still Using Their Original Coal Oven

Slice: New York Chris E. Crowley 9 comments

Contrary to recent news coverage, Totonno's did not have to replace their oven following last fall's hurricane damages. Read what co-owner Antoinette Balazano has to say on the matter. More

Totonno's is Officially Back in Business!

Slice: New York Niki Achitoff-Gray 6 comments

Yesterday, Totonno's opened its doors once again. It's not every restaurant—or family—that would display the kind of resilience that we've seen from this iconic Coney Island pizzeria. And we cannot wait to get our fix. More

Restoring Our Church of Pizza: The Rebuilding and Repairing of Totonno's After Hurricane Sandy

Slice: New York Chris E. Crowley 10 comments

For so many of New York's food businesses that were the worst hit by the hurricane, the initial losses have been amplified by a prolonged struggle to move forward. The song remains the same at Totonno's. More

Grimaldi's Joins the Coney Island Pizza-scape

Slice: New York Michael Berman 18 comments

The addition of a new Grimaldi's outlet to Coney Island offered the perfect excuse to assess the pizza landscape, find the best non-pizza alternative, and check in with longstanding pizza heavyweight Totonno's. More

Lou Reed Loves Totonno's

Dear Slice Adam Kuban 3 comments

Reaching in to the Slice mailbag, we've got ... Hey, Adam!I was a royal escort at Saturday's Mermaid Parade on Coney Island, where the king and queen were Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson (omg!). Lou didn't get as into the costumed spirit as some of us—I was a BP pirate, complete with oil-slicked bird on my shoulder—but he WAS wearing a Totonno's hat, and that's pretty damn Coney of him.Attached is a pic of me with Lou and Laurie, doing my best "arrrrrrrrrrrr" (but instead freaking out in a total fangirl moment). And if you look here, in the... More

Photo of the Day: Lawrence Ciminieri of Totonno's

Adam Kuban 3 comments

[Photographs: Adam Kuban] They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Totonno's is back, and this photo says it all. I was going to leave you with just this one image, but I couldn't resist throwing a gallery together. Peep it, if you'd like.... More

Totonno's: REOPENED!

Adam Kuban 16 comments

I am now at Totonno's, and IT IS OPEN. Lawrence Ciminieri is making pies, and his mom, Cookie, is looking rested but is as irrascible as ever. Videographic evidence, after the jump.... More

Totonno's Reopening: Friday? That's What We Hear

Adam Kuban 4 comments

[Photograph: Adam Kuban] So, yeah. The Wednesday reopening? Didn't happen. Totonno's owner Lawrence Ciminieri says the weather KO'd him. But the latest bit of news we have to report in the anticipated Totonno's reopening is that the Coney Island pizzeria will be firing up tomorrow (Friday, February 12). All the items are in place, Ciminieri told Ed Levine by phone last night, and, Ciminieri says, someone from the mayor's office is going to be there at the reopening ceremony. As promised before, Ciminieri will be making the pies tomorrow.... More

Totonno's Reopening Wednesday, February 10

Adam Kuban 12 comments

[Photograph: Adam Kuban] Our man Ed Levine just got off the phone with Totonno's owner Lawrence Ciminieri, who tells us that Totonno's is reopening next Wednesday, February 10 at noon. Ciminieri says he himself will be making the pies that day. We're confident that this is the real deal this time. Ciminieri says he will have the necessary permits in place, and that the pizzeria will be ready to go on Wednesday.... More

When Is Totonno's Reopening? New Projected Date Is Mid July

Adam Kuban 1 comment

Totonno's, as it used to look. Photograph from timkang on Flickr Lost City reports that the Coney Island Totonno's reopening has been moved back to mid July from the earlier June projection date. Can't say I didn't see this coming. Building/rebuilding is a long, laborious process. Totonno's 1524 Neptune Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11224 (map) 718-372-8606 totonnos.com... More

Totonno's Coney Island Reopening Early June

Adam Kuban 3 comments

Totonno's, as it used to look. Photograph from timkang on Flickr I've had a lot of you emailing me or asking me in person: When is Totonno's in Coney reopening? As you should know, there was a fire at the legendary coal-oven pizzeria on March 14. When last we talked to Totonno's owner Lawrence Ciminieri, he said he thought the place would reopen in a month's time—which would be around, oh, now. I just got off the phone with Ciminieri, and he tells me that the target reopen date is now early June. "It took four weeks just to... More

Totonno's Fire: They Will Rebuild

Ed Levine 9 comments

Lawrence Ciminieri, in front of the Totonno's oven we hope to be eating pizzas from again soon. I called Totonno's owner Lawrence Ciminieri to find out more about the fire damage horrified Slice reader Rob S. discovered when he went to the original Coney Island location yesterday. Ciminieri says, "Everything is going to be fine. The fire broke out in the coal storage area when we were closed. It must have been ignited by something backed up in the oven. The back two rooms are gone. The dining room is fine. The oven will have to be re-bricked, but... More

Fire Severely Damages Coney Island Totonno's

Adam Kuban 17 comments

Legendary Pizzeria Vows to Reopen Totonno's, as it used to look. Photograph from timkang on Flickr This is horrible news. I just got this from Slice reader Rob S.: I just wanted to let you and loyal Slice readers know that I went to Totonno's in Coney Island this morning, and the place has burned down. Apparently this morning at around 8 a.m. the place caught on fire. When I visited around 1 p.m. all the windows were broken and there was serious fire damage.Hopefully they will open again soon! Update: The Headlines Roll In Fire at Totonno's pizza of... More

Slice Pizza Club No. 8: The Report

Adam Kuban 8 comments

Slice reader Conduit Design Group just asked how Pizza Club No. 8 went. So, without further delay, the quick rundown. Numero Ocho was scheduled for this past Sunday at Coney Island. Unfortunately, so was a crappy nor'easter. Girl Slice and I made our way to Totonno's anyway, just in case any stalwart readers made the trip. Nobody did. Oh well. It turned into a soggy private date for just us two. We knew the Cyclone would be closed, but we exited at the Surf Avenue end of the station (above) because we had to meet any prospective attendees at noon... More

'NY Times' to Domino's 'Brooklyn' Pizza: Fuhgeddabouddit

Chain Pizza Adam Kuban 2 comments

Kim Severson of the New York Times does the best job yet of getting to the bottom of the puzzling Domino's Brooklyn Style Pizza kerfuffle. We're surprised she lived to write the story, after having brought the chain pie into Coney Island's Totonno's for comparison: "Get that thing out of here," was the first thing Totonno's owner, Louise Ciminieri, said when she saw the Domino's box.Once we explained that we were on a mission to determine exactly what constituted a Brooklyn Style pie, she softened. Sort of. "When they say Brooklyn Style Pizza they're referring to us," she said. "We... More

'Details' Magazine Pizza Roundup

Adam Kuban 4 comments

Pity poor Ed Levine. When his workday doesn't involve ordering one of each doughnut at a well-regarded New York City doughnuttery, he gets to eat pizza from some of the country's best pizzerias and write about it for Details magazine. His findings cover some familiar ground to readers of Slice and of Mr. Levine's 2005 book PIzza: A Slice of Heaven, but there are some new entries to be savored. Pizzeria Bianco [623 East Adams Street, Phoenix AZ 85004; map] "The sauce tastes like a distillation of the ripest tomatoes."Di Fara[1424 Avenue J, Brooklyn NY 11230; map] "... a Di... More

From the Mailbag: 'The Definitive Top 10 List'

DJ Bubbles 38 comments

An interesting item hit the Slice inbox yesterday. OK guys, put this in your pie and smoke it! A couple of caveats: The list isn't quite as definitive as it claims to be, as it is missing any critical analysis of Staten Island, Queens, and Bronx joints. When you guys post this on the site (front page, please), perhaps you may want to refer to it as "The Definitive Manhattan and Brooklyn Top 10 List." We've all been to these places enough times to know what's going on and who's coming with their A game and who isn't. Seltzerboy, as... More

Slice Pizza Club: 'Clonetonno's

Adam Kuban 2 comments

The Cyclone has been ridden and the pizza has been eaten, and so spring begins for Slice. Earlier today, Seltzerboy and I were joined by five friends of Slice in a tradition he and I have shared since 2001, way back in the pre-Slice era. On hand for the coaster ride were Dan, Katie, Tien, and our Queens correspondent, Chito. We met up in front of the 'Clone, bought tickets ($5 a ride), and submitted our bodies for a little Jazz Age G-force testing.... More

Sunday: Thrills and Slices at Coney

Adam Kuban 2 comments

Creeping up into the sky. Stopping at the top and starting down. The girl grabbed my hand. I clutched it tight. I said good-bye to the ground. Just a reminder: The long-dormant Slice Pizza Club will be revived Sunday at noon in Coney Island. We'll be meeting outside the ticket booth of the Cyclone. At noon. As per tradition at Slice, we'll ride the world-famous roller coaster once or thrice on what is its opening day (Palm Sunday every year) and then adjourn to nearby Totonno's for some pizza. As is usually the case, this Slice Pizza Club event is... More

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