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Watch Abel Ferrara's 'Pizza Connection' on 'Vice'

Adam Kuban 3 comments

Cult independent filmmaker and director Abel Ferrara (The King of New York, the original Bad Lieutenant) is making a web series for Vice called Pizza Connection. More

The Garden of Beatin': Bail Hearing for Alleged Pizza-Related Assault by L&B Spumoni's Mob Family

Meredith Smith 5 comments

Reported in the NY Daily News, mob man and L&B Spumoni Gardens' in-law Francis Guerra had his bail hearing for allegedly attacking Eugene Lombardo, owner of The Square, because his Staten Island pizza was too similar to the Sicilian slices at the highly-regarded Spumoni Gardens. (So I guess when they say family-owned in Bensonhurst, they mean "Family" owned?) Guerra had some other mob related murder charges, but according to the Daily News, the pizza beating dominated the hearing. More

Updates on the Lucali Stabbing

Slice: New York Adam Kuban 5 comments

Today the New York Post, reports that the fight may have been over a woman, citing a source who says s/he heard Geritano tell Iacono to stay away from her. Iacono's friends tell the paper that he's a stand-up guy, a happily married one-woman man. For now, according to Slice sources, there's a note up at Lucali saying the pizzeria is closed but will reopen soon. Let's hope this mess gets sorted out and it does. More

Lucali's Mark Iacono Brutally Stabbed But OK and in Stable Condition

Adam Kuban 3 comments

Some really shocking and saddening news from late yesterday afternoon: Lucali owner and head pizzaman Mark Iacono was brutally stabbed in Carroll Gardens allegedly by ex-con Benny Geritano, a longtime neighborhood local who Iacono has known since childhood. The two apparently had an argument earlier in the day, and Geritano came "seemingly out of nowhere" yesterday afternoon, Post sources say, and attacked Iacono with a kitchen knife. More

Pennsylvania Pizza Man Plants Live Mice in Two Rival Pizzerias

Adam Kuban 3 comments

Y'all saw this, right? A Pennsylvania pizzeria owner, possibly motivated by the fact that his shop was allegedly not doing well, tried planting live mice in two rival pizzerias. He was caught in the act by two police officers who happened to be eating in one of the targeted slice joints. More

Pennsylvania Judge Rules That Pizza Is Indeed a Weapon

Adam Kuban 6 comments

A county judge in West Chester, Pennsylvania, was asked to rule whether a slice of pizza could be construed as a weapon. Police allege that William James Fennie III threw a slice of pizza at a passing car and arrested him for "resisting arrest and propulsion of missiles." More

In Prank, Man Orders $4,000 of Pizza, Doesn't Pick Up

Adam Kuban 13 comments

Wow. Lame prank. A man posing as a member of Bob Dylan's road crew — wearing a Dylan backstage pass after Bobby Z. played a show at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst — ordered 178 pizzas from Antonio's Pizza in the college town and said he'd pick them up later to deliver to the singer and his entourage. Workers stayed until 5 a.m. to finish the order, and the New Jersey man never showed. The unidentified prankster, through his lawyer, later agreed to pay the $4,000 tab. More

Pizzeria Owner Fights Off Attempted Robber with 'Giant Spatula'

Adam Kuban 3 comments

Of course, we all know that the "giant spatula" in this news report and video (above) is a pizza peel. More

In Botched Robbery Attempt, Thief Makes Off with Wrong Kind of Dough

Adam Kuban 12 comments

I love this story. On Staten Island, a less-than-bright thief followed the owners of Brothers Pizza home after the shop had closed and grabbed from them a bag holding what he thought was the day's cash take. It turned out to be ... pizza dough. ... D'oh! More

The Bronx Is Burning: Fired Domino's Employee Torches 2 of Chain's Storefronts

Chain Pizza Adam Kuban 11 comments

A fired Domino's employee in The Bronx set fire to two Domino's storefronts on the morning of August 22, says this New York Daily News report: [Jamal] Thomas held on to his key and uniform, and used both to exact his revenge.He visited several stores in uniform, claiming to be part of a secret Domino's team measuring employee satisfaction. He was really scoping out targets to torch, investigators believe. Both fires were started with pizza boxes inside the stores, the report says.... More

Disgraced Lobbyist Jack Abramoff Working at Pizzeria in Baltimore

Adam Kuban 15 comments

Remember D.C. lobbyist Jack Abramoff, who defrauded American Indian tribes and corrupted Washington officials? He's now working at Tov Pizza in Baltimore, Maryland. More

California Mayor Charged with Stealing Industrial Mixer for Homemade Pizza

Quick Bites Adam Kuban 21 comments

Sounds like this guy is a real pizza obsessive. From the L.A. Times: "Hawthorne Mayor Larry Guidi, who had led the city for nearly two decades, was charged Tuesday in connection with stealing a commercial food mixer from the local school district because he allegedly needed more dough for his home pizza oven." We'd reach out to him for a Q&A for My Pizza Oven, but somehow I don't think he'd grant our request. [via Eater] More

Are Some Naples Pizzerias Using Wood from Coffins to Bake Pizzas?

Adam Kuban 11 comments

Wow. From an AFP report on France24.com: "Investigators in Naples are setting their sights on the thousands of small, lower-end pizza shops and bakeries that dot the city on suspicion that patrons may 'use wood from caskets to keep ovens burning.' Naples' graveyard has long been hunting ground for thieves: Last year, 5,000 flower pots were stolen from the cemetery." More

East Harlem Pizza Guy Fights Off Robbers

Adam Kuban Post a comment

For once, here's a pizza delivery crime story with a happy ending. East Harlem pizza deliveryman Assami Semde fought off two would-be slice muggers while making a delivery to an apartment building last Friday. Semde, a 6'4" native of Burkina Faso, pretended to put the pizzas down on the ground and then rose up and punched one of the gun-toting assailants, pushing him against an elevator. Luckily this story ended well, with one of the suspects arrested, the pizza delivered hot, and Semde unharmed. But that's a far-too-infrequent outcome in delivery crime stories. In the story the New York... More

Pizza Girl: Scary Delivery Situations

apizzagirl 26 comments

I am lucky enough to never have been involved in a robbery while delivering pizza, but I'm acutely aware of the vulnerable position I put myself in every time I go to a stranger's house. Not only am I guaranteed to have cash and food, but I have little way of knowing if I'm getting into a bad situation (most robberies are setups). When I get there, it's a trade off between safety and time. More

Brother-on-Brother Dispute Ends in Pizza-Cutter Slashing

Adam Kuban 1 comment

Gold Knuckle by artist and metalsmith Frankie Flood. Dhorst sends along this link to a Syracuse pizza-related crime story: Robert Rainey said he was choking Reon Rainey in the kitchen when Reon Rainey picked up the pizza cutter and used it on Robert Rainey's face. Robert Rainey told police he didn't want his brother prosecuted because the incident was "not a big deal" with him, the arrest report states. It was about "something stupid." It always is.... More

Lucali's 'Black Dom' Asks for Dispensation to Help Open New Pizzeria

Adam Kuban 1 comment

[Photograph: eater.com] While the New York Post doesn't name the pizzeria in question, it's a good bet that it's Giuseppina's in South Park Slope: "Mr. Dionisio's duties at the new location will require him to travel to [Manhattan] for, among other things, his food handler's license and permits for the restaurant," his lawyer, James Froccaro informed the judge. "He will be purchasing décor and equipment for the new restaurant as well." Giuseppina's (aka Lucali II) 691 6th Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11215 (South Slope, at 20th Street; map) Related A Second Lucali Location? Yes and No » Lucali, One of... More

Gunman Surrenders After Taking Hostages, Demanding Pizza at Virigina Post Office

Adam Kuban Post a comment

Thank God no one was hurt when alleged hostage-taker Warren "Gator" Taylor wheeled himself into a post office in Wytheville, Virginia, shot off a gun and then initiated a stand-off when it was reported he carried a "device" with him. According to CNN: He asked for a pizza but made no other demands, Dunagan said. He seemed neither angry nor disgruntled but did utter complaints about government and taxes, Dunagan said.When the supreme pizza that police ordered was more than half an hour late, Taylor joked that Pizza Hut promises delivery in less than half an hour or the... More

Lucali in the 'Daily News' Today

Adam Kuban 5 comments

[Photograph: Adam Kuban] Lucali is in the Daily News today for a bit of the ol' they-said–he-said between the Feds and reputed gangster Dominick "Black Dom" Dionisio, who works at the pizzeria. The Feds say he's using it as a cover "to flout bail," while Dionisio's attorney, James Froccaro, says Dionisio "has performed so well at Lucali's that he'd been offered a managerial position at a new location." That would most likely be what's being billed as "Lucali II," in South Slope.... More

Who We're Cheesed Off at Now: D.C. Councilman Jim Graham

Adam Kuban 4 comments

Update: Councilman Denies Calling for Late-Night Jumbo Slice Ban Washington, D.C., Councilman (and chronic bow-tie-wearer) Jim Graham is proposing a ban on single-slice sales in the capital's Adams-Morgan neighborhood, claiming that "jumbo slice" pizzerias are helping stoke violence on 18th Street there. Of course, the large number of bars on the street wouldn't have anything to do with that, would they? Slice calls bullshit on Graham and would remind him that pizza doesn't kill people—people do. Do we need a constitutional amendment to protect late-night jumbo slice sales? We'd love to read Liza and Gary's take on all this. Update:... More

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