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Want: Spaghetti-and-Meatball Deep Dish Pizza

[Photograph: Reddit] Someone on Reddit made a spaghetti-and-meatball deep dish pizza. I don't know what's come over me, but I really want a slice of this thing. Funny, too, because when you scroll through the pics from the original poster, you'll see s/he used DKM's Chicago-Style Deep Dish recipe from pizzamaking.com. I'm going to have to hunt for a good meatball recipe and try this myself. See also: Deep Dish Pizza à la Cook's Illustrated »... More

Oakland: Zachary's Makes Good Stuffed Pizza But with a Lackluster Crust

Zachary's Pizza is an East Bay icon, specializing in stuffed pizza. The pan starts with a layer of dough, followed by a hefty layer of mozzarella and toppings. Another thin layer of dough is added on top of the cheese and goodies before the robust sauce covers it all. While the cheese is hearty and the sauce is rich, I found the crust at Zachary's to be a bit disappointing. More

Deep Dish Pizza à la 'Cook's Illustrated'

[Photographs: Adam Kuban] I've had the January/February 2010 issue of Cook's Illustrated sitting in my to-do stack of crap since it came out. In it, a recipe for deep dish pizza. (You can find that recipe here, though it's behind a paywall. Sorry! Oh, or try this website, which has it: http://thirtyaweek.wordpress.com/2010/01/28/deep-dish-pizza-recipe) With some free time last Saturday, I set about making the stuff. Above is one of my finished pies (the recipe makes two 9-inch-round pizzas). Since all the junk is in the proverbial trunk, i.e., you can't see nothin' but sauce, I'll tell you that this one... More

Poll: How Often Do You Order Deep Dish?

During last week's poll, we had a number of folks point out that the query may as well have been a proxy vote on NYC-style vs. deep dish. (Though we respectfully disagree, because "not deep dish" does not automatically equal "NYC-style" — think of all the other non–deep dish, non–NYC styles out there.) Anyway, there seemed to be some sentiment for a poll to take on the question of how often Chicagoans eat deep dish. So: How often do order deep dish vs. thin crust? » More

A Deep Dish Disappointment at Big Nick's on the Upper West Side

It brings me no joy to write this review. I, like many New Yorkers, have fond memories of Big Nick's, the venerable Upper West Side dive. Truth be told, I haven't been in there in about 20 years, but I warmly recall eating hearty portions for not very much money whilst stuffed into Big Nick's tight booths, surrounded by a thousand handwritten signs, with the banter of the colorful cast of characters who work and eat there providing much merriment. When I discovered that they serve a Chicago-style pie I decided to make a journey back to the UWS to check it out. More

Where to Get Deep Dish Pizza in NYC? Not at L'asso

I was eating a dainty Neapolitan pizza with Adam Kuban recently when I lamented the fact that there's no Chicago deep dish pizza available in NYC (putting aside the few remaining branches of awful chain Uno Chicago Grill, which is actually headquartered in Boston). Adam mentioned that there is a place in Astoria that reportedly sells deep dish pies, but a few days later Time Outannounced that L'Asso is now selling a deep dish pie much closer to my Manhattan home. More

Making Deep Dish Pizza in a Cast Iron Skillet

[Photographs: pizzamaking.com] So this recipe thread on pizzamaking.com was originally started in 2005. I missed it back then but found it this morning while checking the Slice site stats. (Someone clicked through to Slice from a link in the discussion there.) This looks like a sort of fun way to make deep dish using a pan many people probably already have at home. (And, yeah, I know New York–based readers are probably howling at this. Deal.)... More

NY & C(hicago) Pizza: Fugheddaboutit!

[Photographs: L.A. Pizza Maven] I love pizza! Everyone reading this site loves pizza (I hope). The very thought of a 14- to 18-inch round, properly baked crust covered with a fresh, spicy sauce and a fresh, creamy mozzarella (and perhaps some crumbled fennel sausage) triggers a salivary response worthy of one of Pavlov's dogs. So the recent opening of a new high-concept pizzeria here in Santa Monica, California, set me percolating and salivating with anticipation. The name, NY & C (as in New York & Chicago), belies the concept. The Big Apple and the Windy City, competitive in everything... More

Buddy's Deep-Dish Pizza in Detroit: Better Than NYC Pizza?

This is rare: a New Yorker who travels somewhere outside NYC, eats pizza, and claims it superior to Big Apple pies. Who knew a Gothamite could admit such things?! ;) In this case, it's Buddy's, with its Detroit deep-dish pizza: So what makes Buddy's so great? As my dad likes to say, it all begins with a well-seasoned and greased blue steel pan. The dough rises in the pan, before brick cheese and then sauce is added. Different toppings find their way to different layers of the pizza. Brick cheese is also an important part of the whole equation.... More

Who Invented Deep-Dish Pizza? The World May Never Know

The Chicago Tribune carried a story yesterday about the quest to officially document who invented deep-dish pizza. Like many a culinary origin story, this one remains shrouded in mystery. The only paper trail indicates the pizza almost certainly came out of a 19th Century mansion built with lumber money at 29 E. Ohio St.—the restaurant now known as Pizzeria Uno. But the question of who exactly developed the concept remains a mystery despite the best efforts of the City of Chicago's official cultural historian. But after proving that deep-dish came from the original Pizzeria Uno location, the question is who... More

Dear Slice: Who You Gonna Call for Deep Dish?

Clicking in to the Slice inbox today, we've got ... Adam, I don't know if you've seen Ghostbusters II, but, there's a scene where Dan Ayckroyd's character is discussing what to eat with Harold Ramis's character: "Chinese?" "Thai?" "Na, too spicy." "Pizza!" "Thick or thin?" "Chicago." (Ayckroyd's character). My question is, in 1989 (or even today), would there have been any place in NYC to get a Chicago style of pizza? I'm thinking that this was Ackryod's little joke on NYC. Thanks, Thomas H. Saline, Michigan... More

Is Deep Dish Pizza Over in Chicago?

According to Chicago Tribune restaurant critic Phil Vettel, the Windy City's deep dish pizza mania may finally be on the wane. In other words, the tasty casserole that is deep dish is being shoved aside for more serious Neapolitan and Roman-inspired creations. Vettel cites the popularity of new thin-crusted pizzerias La Madia, Frankie's Fifth Floor Pizzeria, A Mano, and Pizzeria Via Stato. What do Slice readers, in Chicago or not, think of this heretical notion? As someone who practically needed police protection for suggesting in Slice of Heaven that at best Chicago pizza is a good casserole, I wholeheartedly welcome... More

Boo! More Scary Pizza for New Yorkers

I'm going to put another scare into New Yorkers. This time, I'm taking you through a horror show of Chicago deep-dish pizza.... More than Hawaiian-style, what Gothamites revile the most is deep dish. I'm gonna stuff your face in it, suckas. Buckle in, cats. It's gonna be a wild ride. Bwahahaha! Photograph from craigt_from_atl on Flickr For New York pizza lovers, this is the House of Horrors, indeed. From which all evil emanates: Photograph from voteprime on Flickr A gallery of fear follows ...... More

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