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How to Get a Ride Home for the Cost of a Pizza Delivery

Experimental Domino's delivery vehicle. [Photograph: Hugo90 on Flickr] From the obituary of geriatric psychiatrist Gene D. Cohen in the New York Times today: In the opening chapter of his latest book, "The Mature Mind," Dr. Cohen related an anecdote that in many ways encapsulated his theories. His in-laws had arrived for a visit in Washington in the midst of a snowstorm and emerged from the subway lost. Unable to hail a cab or reach the Cohen family by phone, Dr. Cohen's father-in-law had an idea. He and his wife walked across the street to a pizza parlor, ordered a... More

Ambiance Is Not a Topping

"It sometimes seems as if he's living in an alternate pizza universe—one where Papa John is Chris Bianco and ambiance should be a topping that you can order like fennel sausage." Mic check 1, 2, 1, 2. Bubbles B in the place to be. Comin' outta retirement to work ya like a fireman. What's good, sliceheads? I know it's been a minute, but I have to break you off with a little something. I made a move to the Upper East Side (it's not all bad—Central Park, Museum Mile, D'Ag hags) and can't say much for the pizza thus far,... More

Money Pizza

Money Pizza is an promotional concept for an imaginary pizza chain that sells a $5 pizza. The magnetic fridge-based coin keeper holds $5 in change. As its creator, artist Matt Brown, says, "The concept eliminates the shame people feel when they pay for something all in change. No counting involved with this, both cashier and customer know exactly how much money there is on that pie." Of course you're still left scrounging for the tip. [via EMD]... More

A Novel Way to Deliver Pizza in Paris

From the New York Times comes word of this charming-bordering-on-twee way of getting pizza delivery in Paris: By the water, there is a small pink dot of a helium balloon, bobbing in the intermittent breeze. The balloon is key. It was given to you by Pink Flamingo, a pizza parlor down the nearby Rue Bichat, whose bicycle deliveryman will use it as a beacon to locate you and present the five pies you've ordered (10.50 to 16 euros each). They're not all for you, of course—you've got friends to help eat the pizza and drink the four bottles of red... More

Pizza Delivery Hack: How to Get Drivers to Ring the Right Buzzer

This is a super-specific "hack" that applies only to apartment dwellers—and, more specifically, to apartment dwellers in buildings with very few units. Like, with two or three units. Anyway, I have a recurring problem. In my building, it's just me and my landlord. When I order pizza delivery, half the time the driver rings the wrong buzzer. Yeah, when I call I make sure to tell them, "Ring buzzer No. 1. IT'S THE TOP BUTTON." You'd think that would be direction enough, but often it's not. It's not a huge problem at decent hours, but late at night it... More


"The few surviving [Daihatsu] Charades seem to live out their days as transportation for destitute college students and pizza delivery drivers. A recent look at Craigslist found three for sale at prices from $400 to $900." [New York Times]... More

Here's a Tip: Mediocre Pizza Is Better When You Order It 'Well-Done'

Pizza photograph by The Pizza Review T&R, where I often get my delivery and take-out pies. For the last year, whenever I've ordered a conventional-gas-oven, mediocre-ingredients-laden, decent-crusted plain pie from my local pizzeria of choice, T&R, I have been specifying that my pie be well-done. Why? Because uncooked, gummy pizza dough may be my No. 1 pizza pet peeve (also known as my "PPP"). Nothing ruins a pizza like a bite filled with raw dough. And you know what? Ordering well-done really makes a difference. My last pie from T&R was most excellent. Am I the only pizza lover... More

54-Inch Delivery Pizza in Los Angeles, Going for World Record

We all have a purpose in life, and for Big Mama's & Papa's Pizzeria on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, it's to create a 54-inch square delivery pizza. If you had the same idea, you better get on it. They even found a 54-inch square cardboard box! For just $199.99 (plus $14.99 for each additional topping), today's (at least so far) largest deliverable pizza in the world can feed 50 to 70 people. Heads up, though: They need a full day's notice to create one, so order today for Monday Night Football. [via EatFeats]... More

PSA of the Day: Please Tip the Pizza Delivery Driver

©iStockPhoto.com/lvinst A piece in the Virginian-Pilot reports that local Papa John's franchises in southeastern Virginia changed their pay structure at the beginning of this month. ... Previously, drivers got at least the full minimum wage of $5.85, plus a small delivery stipend and tips. Now, Papa John's is taking advantage of federal law that says because the drivers can make tips, they can be a paid a lower hourly rate when they're on the road making deliveries and a higher rate while working in the shop. Other pizza places use comparable systems. But the rub is that most people... More

Tienes 30 Minutos: Domino's Now Delivering in Spanish

As an oblivious English-speaking gringo, I'd never really thought about what you'd do as a Spanish-speaking pizza fiend. Well, Domino's thought about it and is now delivering en español. By dialing 888-DOMINOS, those who hablar the language can now reach an automated voice system that's probably as annoying in Spanish as these things are in English. I wouldn't know, as my high school-level español is pretty weak. That familiar doo-da-loo-doo-da-loo-doo-da-loo-doop sound that the system makes while "thinking," however, sounds the same in either language.... More

Domino's Brooklyn Style Pizza

For the pizzaiologist living in Kings County, New York, Domino's new Brooklyn Style Pizza raises questions of existence and being that would challenge even the most serious student of ontology. Aren't all Domino's pizzas made in Brooklyn by nature "Brooklyn style"? Is a Domino's Brooklyn Style Pizza imbued with an extra dose of Brooklyn-ness? Perhaps these are instead koans to be offered as contemplation for pizza-loving Zen Buddhists. Whatever they are, these riddles are beyond our comprehension at Slice. We do feel it is within our power, however, to examine one question: Is it any good? The answer: No. And,... More

Photo of the Day: Frozen Pizza Delivery

pizza delivery, blogged to Slice from the Flickr photostream of Incandenza It's a scorcher out there across most of the U.S., but it only really hit home today here at Slice HQ in New York City. Let the visual cooling trend continue. Today's PotD is from this past February's blizzard here in the Big Apple. I wonder which version of crap weather the pizza deliveryman in this photo would prefer.... More

Pizza Publicity Stunt at Google HQ

Tech gossip blog Valleywag reports on a publicity stunt by software incubator Cambrian House. Their ploy? According to Valleywag, to "thank Google for changing the dot-com industry." There's video of the company dropping in on the Google campus unannounced to deliver 1,000 pies. The still image above shows the pile of pizza. Click the YouTube vid below to watch.... More

What to Tip on a Pizza Delivery

From the New York Daily News guide to tipping: Pizza or other restaurant delivery: 10% - or 20% if you live on a high floor of a walk-up, said Joe Pasquale, the owner of Joe's Pizza in Greenwich Village. Tipping tips from experts [New York Daily News]... More

Former Deliveryman

This, from CNN.com: Tim Petrovic was another stroke behind after a 66, and he was on another kind of bubble. The former pizza deliveryman is 41st on the money list, and appears to be a shoo-in to wind up in the top 40 and qualify for the Masters. I don't really follow golf, so Petrovic's former career as pizza driver is news to me.... More

Back to Deliveries

Matt Kennedy Gould, the unwitting dupe of Spike TV's fake reality show Joe Schmo, isn't upset after learning the program tricked him into believing he was starring in a real reality show. Heck, the law school dropout and former pizza deliveryman won $100,000, a trip to Tahiti, and a flat-screen plasma TV. One wonders how many tips it would take to make that kinda scratch schlepping pies.... More

'Crimson Gold'

Pizza delievery in Tehran: I would have thought it unlikely. Heck, I didn't even know Iran had pizza. A trip to the movie Crimson Gold might do me some good then. A.O. Scott writes in the New York Times: Mr. Kiarostami, the lion of contemporary Iranian art cinema, and Mr. Panahi, who has established himself with "The White Balloon" and "The Circle" as one of Iran's leading urban filmmakers, set out to explain what drove the robber, a pizza deliveryman and a veteran of the Iran-Iraq war, to his desperate, self-destructive act of violence. The answer is not altogether surprising,... More

Pizza Delivery: One Dangerous Job

Next time the delivery driver's on your doorstep with your pizza, you'll be face to face with somone who holds one of the most dangerous jobs in America, according to CNN/Money. The site used Bureau of Labor Statistics data to complie this dubious top-ten list. One top-10 surprise was the fifth place finisher -- driver-sales workers, which, according to a BLS spokesperson, includes pizza delivers, vending machine fillers, and the like. Again, these workers are often self employed. Traffic accidents contributed heavily to their high fatality rate of 38 per 100,000, but they also suffered from crime; nearly a quarter... More

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