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A Pizza My Mind: In Defense of Dessert Pizza

Erin Jackson 20 comments

Dessert pizza will always have a pizza my heart, particularly the low-rent version topped with cherry pie filling at Pizza Hut lunch buffets. More

Bacon Dessert Pizza: Strangely Delicious

Erin Jackson 5 comments

Dessert pizza can be divisive: some people refuse to acknowledge any interpretation of pizza that doesn't feature cheese and tomato sauce, while others, myself included, will happily call baked dough covered with Nutella and berries just about anything you want me to. More

Dessert Calzone: Gnocco, East Village

Maggie Hoffman 1 comment

Does Nutella-filled calzone, baked in a pizza oven until molten, topped with a dollop of unsweetened ricotta, count as dessert pizza? More

Chain Reaction: Papa John's Apple Pie Pizza

Chain Pizza Maggie Hoffman 20 comments

After you eat pizza, do you eat dessert pizza? I've been seeing quite a few Nutella-and-pear pizza concoctions around town, and I have to say, I'm always tempted. Pizza dough is a pretty good base for a dessert—when it's done well. More

'Slice' Poll: Dessert Pizza - Way or No Way?

Quick Bites Adam Kuban 60 comments

You've already done the main show — either pizza or some other entrée — and now the restaurant you're eating at offers dessert pizza. It might be a bready crust topped with chocolate sauce and bananas, peanut butter, or marshmallows (à la Max Brenner). It might be in the form of a calzone (like at Toby's Public House in Brooklyn) or maybe it's a fruit pizza. Whatever configuration you've seen it in, it's now in the form of a poll here on Slice: Dessert pizza — way or no way? » More

Quote of the Day: Never Again, Please, NEVER AGAIN!

Quick Bites Adam Kuban Post a comment

"Wow. That's like a music critic admitting his favorite band is Nickelback." —"Jon," responding to Eat Me Daily's takedown of chef Aaron Sanchez for his love of Max Brenner's chocolate pizza... More

Dear Slice: Check Out My Birthday Pizza Cake!

Dear Slice Adam Kuban 4 comments

Clicking in to the Slice inbox today, we've got ... Hi Adam, Avid pizza eater, and Slice reader here. I stumbled upon this secret birthday cake that my girlfriend was trying to hide above the refrigerator last night. Yes, today's my birthday (and, no, this isn't a shameless self-promotion). Instead of angel food or chocolate cake, I'll be eating pizza. Possibly for dinner, too. We're familiar with local pizza spots in San Francisco, but do you have a "must go" for a birthday celebration? Thanks for your help, and long live pepperoni. --Chris C.... More

Dessert Calzone at Toby's Public House

Adam Kuban 7 comments

Photograph by Raphael In my Toby's dispatch earlier today, I didn't really go too in-depth with this thing, A.) because it's not pizza pizza, and B.) because it's dessert, but Toby's Public House has an interesting dessert calzone whose innards include ricotta and nutella. You'd think it'd be a bit weird, but it really does work. More on this at Serious Eats New York »... More

Domino's Oreo Dessert Pizza

Chain Pizza Adam Kuban 16 comments

We just had the Domino's Oreo Dessert Pizza delivered here at the office. It's about as good as you think it would be. (How's that for damning something with faint praise?) The base layer is a thin crust that would be reminiscent of graham cracker if it weren't so bland, topped by a vanilla icing, with some Oreo crumbles applied atop in a swirled pattern. This 10-inch dessert pizza is $3.99 with any purchase, but it would be an unthinkable order addition even at $0.00. Related: Domino's Oreo Dessert Pizza commercial... More

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