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The Corner Slice: The Best Slice Near 38th and 8th

A tourist standing at the corner of 38th and 8th after hopping off at Penn Station or the Port Authority might think they've stumbled upon some sort of pizza mecca: I mean, c'mon—there's four slice joints on one corner? Sad truth: they're all pretty bad, and they prey on two types of people—tourists, and late night drinkers. But if you absolutely must eat on this corner, here's my advice... More

Pizza for $1 at St. Marks 2 Brothers Pizza Plus

I'd buy that for a dollar. Walking down the street, if you see a sign advertising pizza for one measly dollar, I don't care who you are, you stop in and get a slice. It's a moral duty to be this thrifty, to take advantage of a deal like that. Keep your expectations low, and you might be surprised. Looks like pizza. I guess the 2 Bros. people have figured out how to eke a profit using the strategy of premade components, finding a high-traffic area, and doing some serious volume. A new branch of 2 Bros. Pizza (at... More

$1 Pizza on St. Marks Place

The blog Blondie and Brownie reports on 2 Bros. Pizza, which offers dollar slices on St. Marks Place: "The pizza wasn't the greatest, but it was a dollar. I'd rate it as not quite as good as 99 Cent Fresh Pizza, but better than Prince Deli 99 cent pizza. If you're a starving NYU student or a hungry person wandering around the village I give it two thumbs up." [via Serious Eats New York] 2 Bros. Pizza 32 St. Marks Place, New York NY 10003 (Second/Third; map) 212-777-0600 2brospizza.com... More

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