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My Pie Monday: Polly-O Pan Pie, Spicy Bacon Jam, Detroit-Style Marco Pollo Pizza, and More!

My Pie Monday Niki Achitoff-Gray 29 comments

A joyous My Pie Monday to one and all! We have a jaw-dropping count of twenty-four contributors this week, and I'm not kidding when I say that each and every one of them has been kicking some major pizza butt. More

My Pie Monday: Luscious Topping Edition

My Pie Monday Maggie Hoffman 12 comments

This week's pies are glorious-looking as usual—I'm especially drawn to the toppings: Bill SFNM has a beautiful pizza loaded with vanilla-sauced shrimp, Bartonkt is rocking the Frankie's meatballs, James S went with mac and cheese, and Amusebouche1 has a whole Creole thing going on. Plus, we've got awesome pies from Frizzaldo, Tupper Cooks!, Burger 365, Olsonmatt, Phidauex, Norma427, and Jean B. More

My Pie Monday: eatitatlanta's Sourdough-Crust Pizza with Homemade Pancetta

My Pie Monday Adam Kuban 4 comments

"I just started making pies using a real sourdough culture in the last few weeks (Italian varietal from sourdo.com). Took the culture out of the fridge and fed it for two days, then made my dough on Friday. I pretty much follow Varasano's recipe (living in Atlanta, I think his is the best). Cold rise for two days, then took it out of the fridge while I warmed up my stone to 550°F. Tried a method on I recently read on Slice — once I was ready to cook, I turned the oven on broil and slid the pizza in, though the dough was too sticky so the pie lost its pretty shape. It cooked for 3.5 minutes. It was topped with olive olive, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, ricotta, basil, and homemade pancetta." More

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