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My Pie Monday: Bacon Jam, Pita Pizza, Wine Chorizo and Much More!

Happy My Pie Monday! It should come as no surprise to you that there are a great mix of pies this week, especially with the continued blank of baking steel produced pies. Imwalkin tinkers with a new steel set up this week, Whoha has a double first with his virgin run with the steel and the New York-style pie, SonnyC79 crowns his first steel fired pie with bacon jam (Whoa!). Effanzo_Mane expects to get his steel any day now, but in the meantime he seems to be faring just fine—I mean, who can argue with wine chorizo? SMST3 sends in an upside down (sauce on top) whole wheat creation, and while amusebouche1's pizza may look like whole wheat, in amusebouche1-style, it's got a creative twist. Newcomer kstwewsc includes her favorite topping combo, arugula and proscuitto on her caputo 00 base. Budreski turns a pita into a pita pizza with loads of veggies. Keeping it classic this week, TXCraig1 adds a Margherita to the mix, and Norma427 has a Vermont pepperoni topped pie named for some pizza helping friends. More

My Pie Monday: Bourbon Pesto, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Spanish Pizza, and Much More!

Feast your eyes on this bounty! This My Pie Monday finds us 15 pies strong. First, a warm welcome to newcomers tucra, Nico S, meatballs&milkshakes, redwgn67, and Steve Viterali! There's a hint of spring in the air this go-around and not just with the new growth in Slice'rs. Amusebouche1's asparagus and arugula topped pie and BiereBeer's homegrown arugula pizza get into the season topping-wise, and the spicy pies from Olsonmatt and Imwalkin seems like one way to get things warming up. But some of you are just plain frisky—ahem TXCraig1 and dhorst—both make some pretty good dmcavanagh references. Jimmyg explores some new techniques to an old favorite. Norma427 may be showing some signs of cabin fever with her wacky-shaped fried and baked pie or maybe Girl Loves Pizza with this week's sandwich-inspired pizza. And what says spring more than a the fecundity of wild yeast, which will now have a starring role in effanzo_mane's pies. More

My Pie Monday: President's Day Edition

Happy My Pie Monday! Here to enhance your President's Day holiday we have eight incredible looking pies. New to the posse is RobynB with a killer ricotta, red onion, and pistachio-basil pesto pie—her special reserve combo to savor last after working her wood fired oven. Welcome! And speaking of special reserve, jimmyg tops today's submission with the last of his winter truffles. TXCraig1's pizza proves that even the simplest of pies can be showstoppers and effanzo_mane seconds the notion with a renewed appreciation for how great a simple cheese pizza can be. Bierebeer's pies get a dose of garlicky heat, and dmcavanagh experiment with a new dough. Also trying out a different dough approach, Norma427 (with the best named pie in the bunch, if I may say so) stretches the pie making limits with some freezer dough. There's even a sweet side to the group with Girl Loves Pizza's Berry Valentine's Day pizza. More

My Pie Monday: Frankenpizza, Sfincillian, Salmon, and Much More!

Happy MPM folks! A day late, but there is nothing short of excellence in this week's roundup. The dedication to pizza in this group is pretty hardcore. I'm talking vigilante-flour-smuggling-across-borders hardcore. And beyond that there are new hyrbrids cropping up, like dmcavanaugh's Sfincillian, some kitchen chemistry from the first lady of pizza experiments, Ms. Norma427, and the topping ingenuity that we have come to expect from amusebouche1. Girl Loves Pizza shows a simpler, and equally delicious side, to her pizza making and Jimmyg gets back to his New York roots after his hiatus into Bonci-landia. TXCraig1 continues to heat things up in the Lone Star State. Things get fancy-pants in BHKitchen's dough department, and equally fancy when it comes to Shantillypicnic's toppings. And check out Crystaldragon's cure for a bacon craving, and the pickled pepper fix from Atmast. More

My Pie Monday: Sweet Potatoes, Sweet Tomatoes, and Sweet Jesus, Dem's Some Fine Looking Pies!

I'm filling in for Slice Queen Meredith this week and normally more work = less fun, but darned if you Slice'rs don't make this job easy. This week we've got fifteen pies on the menu. As usual, dmcavanagh comes through, this week with two pies! LLTODDJ and Zumicroom both give us their best Neapolitan stylings while nzmick brings a taste of Chicago to the other side of the globe. You'll find a Texan who likes salad on their pie (woulda never thought I'd see the day), more mushrooms than you can toss a crust at from amusebouche1, and roast chicken pie from billgraney that looks so good it could even convert this non-chicken-on-pizza eater. More

My Pie Monday: Rachetta, Pork Chop, Drunken Margherita, and Much More!

Happy MLK MPM! There must have been a lot of resolutions to get back in the My Pie Monday game because the galleries are chock full of gorgeous pies this week. Included in this weeks fourteen contributions we have a first time submission from spicedham (welcome!), biancas from jimmyg, a tomato pie from Imwalkin, dmcavanagh's pie's squared, a Sicilian from jkdrummer, and a tennis racket, stuffed-handle pie á la Antonio Starita from dellavechia! And that's not even the half of it. Wait until you see the pies from the rest of this week's crew: olsonmatt, norma427, effanzo_mane, bierbeer, amusebouche1, Girl Loves Pizza, shimpiphany, and dynosaurus. More

My Pie Monday: Sardines, Wood Stove Pizza, Focaccia Pie, and More!

Merry My Pie Monday! What a bountiful variety of pizzas your fellow Slice'rs have produced for you to feast your eyes upon this week! In terms of crust variety there is a full range from Norma427's focaccia turned pie, to livefreeorpie's deep dish, Effanzo_mane's turbo Margherita, and a dough experiment by jimmyg in which he nails replicating Mulino Marino type 1 Buratto flour. And of course NY is represented in a pepperoni and red pepper topped pie by crystaldragon. Amusebouche1 brings us a white pie with leeks and arugula, and TXCraig1 tops off his pie with sardines and hot Calabrian chilies. As for firing variety, check out the pizza that BiereBeer made in a wood fired stove. I think that makes the first ever My Pie Monday wood stove fired pie. More

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