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Dear Slice: Have You Even Fallen Off the Pizza Horse?

From the Slice inbox ... So, last weekend, returning from a trip to our little place in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, we needed some late afternoon eats. We stopped at Alfonsos 202 in Flemington, New Jersey, usually a worthwhile stop for some fresh salad, a pasta, and a personal-size pizza. Not a wonderful pie, but an entirely acceptable pie.Well, last week's pie was dreck. Sauce: bland. Crust: limp. Cheese: excessive and tasteless.I didn't finish it. The wife agreed: This one's for the trash bin.As I left, I found myself thinking: Do I need a break from pizza (remember, I answered "once... More

Dear Slice: Pizza Variations from the Middle East and the South of France

Clicking in to the Slice inbox today, we've got some quick tips from Mark H. (aka famdoc). In the past week, I've had the opportunity to enjoy two fine variations on the concept of pizza. At Nizza, in the Theater District, I enjoyed a fine version of socca, a snack found commonly around the city of Nice in the South of France (also known as farinata in the region around Genoa in Italy), made with chickpea flour. Nizza: 630 Ninth Avenue, New York NY 10036 (b/n 44th and 45th; map); 212-956-1800 At Moustache in Lambertville, New Jersey, we had what... More

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