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Chain Reaction: We Try Subway's Flatizza

Flatizza. Just try to say that out loud. It looks easy, but it took me three tries to say it to the sandwich artist over at my neighborhood Subway. If you couldn't figure it out by the name, a "Flatizza" is Subway's version of a pizza, done their way. Er, your way. The recipe is simple: Take one of the flatbreads they use for flatbread sandwiches, swirl some pizza sauce on it, and top it with cheese, veggies, and/or meat. Pop that sucker in one of their quick toaster ovens, and voila, you've got some kind of pizza thing! Mmm...pizza thing. More

Hungry Howie's Crust Craze

Hungry Howie's, 11th largest pizza chain in the U.S., is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. Their plan for spreading the cheer? Ringing in each month with a special, limited-time offer pizza crust flavor. More

Jamba Juice's New California Flatbreads: We Ate Them So You Don't Have To

"It's the coal in your pizza stocking." In making my way through one of Jamba Juice's new California Flatbreads, I could only find one reason to be thankful— that they didn't call them "pizzas." To have done so would've constituted a disgrace to the name of pizza. As it is, they're only a disgrace to flatbreads, and California. Which, I presume, readers of this blog don't care about quite as much. Currently in limited release in New York City, the $4 flatbreads are marketed as a healthy alternative to fast food lunches, an on-the-go personal pizza for the conscientious eater.... More

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