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Daily Slice: Liguria Focaccia from Lucca Delicatessen, San Francisco

Daily Slice Lauren Sloss 6 comments

Slice correspondent David Kover has written about the deliciousness that is Liguria focaccia, and all of its mysterious old-school North Beach glory. In addition to the airy, flavorful wonderfulness of it, he mentioned another key point worth remembering: they often run out of foccacia at Liguria. More

Daily Slice: Stuffed Focaccia at Sam's Italian Market, Willow Grove, PA

Daily Slice Hawk Krall 3 comments

Existing somewhere in the realm between stuffed pizza and stromboli, Sam's roast pork stuffed focaccia is the best "Philly sandwich ingredients stuffed into something else" you've never had. More

Daily Slice: Sam's Italian Market, Willow Grove, PA

Daily Slice Hawk Krall 4 comments

I've been on a little bit of a mission to put Philadelphia bakery-style tomato pie on the pizza map. And for me it all goes back to Sam's Italian Market, a bakery and Italian prepared foods spot close to where I grew up outside of Philadelphia. More

Daily Slice: Focaccia at Eataly, NYC

Daily Slice Aaron Arizpe 9 comments

First off, let's be clear: this is not the thin, crisp pizza al taglio you'd find in Rome. It's a much closer cousin to focaccia genovese, soft and spongy. Chasing my best memories of Genoa, I chose a piece piled with onions. More

Daily Slice: Liguria Bakery, San Francisco

Daily Slice David Kover 11 comments

Liguria Bakery has been turning out focaccia for 100 years. It's the only thing they make, and it's good enough that they typically sell out before their appointed closing time. More

Astoria, Queens: Lorusso Gourmet Pizza & Focaccia

Slice: New York Adam Kuban 6 comments

I wouldn't go so far as to say that it's going to draw pizza- or bread-heads from outside the borough or even the neighborhood, but if you're live in, near, or are looking to explore this part of Astoria, you owe it to yourself to make the detour here. More

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