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My Pie Monday: Potatoes, Deep Dish, Eggs, and More!

Today we've got a gorgeous potato and thyme pie from Scott D, a Pequod's-style deep dish pizza from FredipusRex, and a seriously delicious-looking pie from Pizzacommander's pizza party (why didn't we get an invite?)...But that's not all—Norma's working her milk kefir starter, Professorplum shares a nice Margherita, Patrick B made a ham, egg, and cheese pie, and there are more tasty pizzas from FoolishPoolish, Bartonkt, dmcavanagh, Tdpl, TScarborough, ESNY1077 , thearrogantchef, and first time MPM'r Soles. More

My Pie Monday: Foolish Poolish's Forager's Pizza

[Photographs: Foolish Poolish] Um. I don't even know what to say. Foolish Poolish sent this one in and I hope he doesn't mind that I'm dubbing it "Foolish Poolish's Forager's Pizza." The guy went a harvestin' some wild mushrooms and garlic for this pizza. How awesome is that?!? Here's what he says: I realise that chasing the "Neapolitan/artisanal" ideal can be a bit blinding sometimes with all those expensive imported ingredients, etc. Anyway, I ran out of "00" flour last week, so I wasn't really concentrating on my usual dough shenanigans but rather flying by the seat of my... More

My Pie Monday: Foolish Poolish's Margherita

[Photograph: Foolish Poolish] From a name I know you know, Foolish Poolish: For your new feature, "My Pie Monday," a Margherita pulled from the oven about half an hour ago. Not my best pie by a long shot, but still tasty.Toppings are fairly self-explanatory (foodie specifics: S@n M@#!$&o tomatoes, Sicilian sea salt, fior di latte blah blah blah :) ).Oh, and sorry about the terrible photo quality...I'd blame the kitchen lighting, but, honestly, my photography sucks. I tried to fiddle with the colour in iPhoto but probably made it worse."... More

Pizza Obsessives: Foolish Poolish

And so starts the first of Slice's Q&A's with folks who are mad about pizza. This week, we talk to someone whose screen name you might recognize. Without futher ado... Name: Foolish Poolish Location: England Website: Foolish Poolish Bakes; Flickr What type of pizza do you prefer? It's all good! (oh, boy, what a cop-out). OK, I'll sort of justify that by throwing up a link to a TED talk about the nature of choice and pursuit of the "perfect spaghetti sauce": http://www.ted.com/talks/malcolm_gladwell_on_spaghetti_sauce.html Truthfully, I haven't eaten nearly enough pizza or sampled adequate variety to give an informed opinion. Generally,... More

Where Can I Find the Best Raw Pizza Dough for Purchase in NYC?

Last week @_d_m_c (Dave McNamee) asked: @slice, where in NYC can I find the best raw pizza dough for purchase? I answered: For at-home pizza-making, I'd say just do your corner pizzeria. Without crazy-ass oven, even bestest dough may not make much diff To which @foolishpoolish replied: Without crazy-ass oven, even bestest dough may not make much diff [really?] Got all that? My first instinct was to tell Dave that without a crazy-ass pizza oven, it probably wouldn't make that much difference where you got the dough. That any difference would be negated by home-oven preparation. But I should probably... More

How to Clean a Pizza Stone

If you're going to buy a pizza stone, allow me to recommend a square or rectangular one as opposed to a round one. Rectangular versions give you a little more leeway in placing raw pies on them; round ones require a precision drop. [Photograph: Williams-Sonoma] In Serious Eats Talk tonight, there's a good discussion happening on the best way to clean a dirty pizza stone. Lots of good advice there, but the simplest method comes from foolishpoolish, who's done a lot of home-baking and pizza-making: "A simple half hour to hour under a broiler or on the oven's cleaning... More

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