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The 8 Best Pizzas in Connecticut

Connecticut is the buckle of the Northeastern pizza belt, which stretches from Pennsylvania to Massachusetts. More specifically, the New Haven style of pizza not only is one of the first uniquely American pizza styles, but it has been preserved by a cluster of family-run establishments which still in many cases use the original equipment, now almost a century old. Naturally New Haven might be considered Connecticut's pizza capital, but the state has dozens of great pizzerias. Few other places in the country have as much great pizza per capita (PPC). These are the best eight pizzas in Connecticut that we have had to date. More

The United States of Pizza: Connecticut

If you are only a casual pizza fan, you'd be excused for underestimating Connecticut's contributions to the slice-o-sphere. After all, isn't it NYC and Chicago that get all the attention from TV shows and food writers too lazy to go beyond the tired Big Apple–Windy City rivalry? In fact, parts of Connecticut have had world-class pizza operations for upwards of 85 years. That's not to mention all the relative newcomers (emphasis on relative) that have opened in the nearly nine decades of Nutmeg State pizza ascendancy. Let's take a look at some of the options for those unfamiliar with the state's crusty, cheesy, saucy offerings. More

Frank Pepe's Head-to-Head (Yonkers vs. New Haven)

Serious Eats–Slice overlord Ed Levine here has been on my case about getting to the new Frank Pepe's in Yonkers for a while now. He wanted to see how it stacked up to the original in New Haven, Connecticut. See, the Frank Pepe family has been on a small tear in the last few years, opening branches of the famed New Haven pizzeria throughout Connecticut—first in Fairfield, then Manchester, then at the Mohegan Sun casino in Uncasville. Then they opened one in Yonkers, New York. This was sort of a big deal in pizza circles, since there's a fair amount... More

Yonkers NY: Frank Pepe's in the 'New York Times'

[Photographs: New York Times] The New York Times takes a look at the newish Frank Pepe's branch that opened in Yonkers in early November of last year: The pizza is very good — although you have to be careful what you order. The original tomato pie, a Spartan exercise in dough topped only with crushed tomatoes and a sprinkling of Romano cheese, tasted of good-quality canned tomatoes and little else. That same pie with mozzarella was better, and one with mozzarella and spicy, fennel-spiked pepperoni was downright delicious. A version with plump marinated shrimp was also surprisingly good. And... More

Dear Slice: 'How the NYC Trip Turned Out'

As you may recall, "TJ" wrote in for some Slice advice on where to eat pizza during a trip to the NYC area. Here's a followup from his trip. --The Mgmt. I was only able to get to Di Fara. What an experience—very, very good pizza, but not nearly the best ever. Enjoyed the experience. I did not like that they par-bake the square pies in advance, and though they are a better value purely in terms of amount of food for your dollar, all three of us present vastly preferred the round pie. [Me, too. —The Mgmt.] I did... More

Connecticut: Frank Pepe's vs. Frank Pepe's 'The Spot'

The larger "newer" Frank Pepe's oven vs. the older oven at "The Spot." Photographs by Jason Perlow On his blog, Off the Broiler, Jason Perlow breaks down the differences between the "new" Frank Pepe's Pizzeria Napoletana on Wooster Street and Frank Pepe's "The Spot," the smaller original location tucked away just behind it. The Spot is a smaller, less hectic location, that has a more intimate atmosphere, and we didn’t have to wait an hour to get in. Of course, now that Jason has blogged about this "secret," I suspect the lines at "The Spot" will get longer and... More

Blogger: Frank Pepe's 'Overrated, Overhyped, Awful'

The blog Food Network Humor reacts to Alan Richman's pizza list in GQ, focusing on No. 12 Frank Pepe's: Here’s the thing: I live in Connecticut. I’ve waited in the lines. I’ve feasted on the various “world famous” pizza pies. And I’ve left disappointed, every time. Sure the place is filled with history, and yes, they cook in a coal oven, but so what? The result is a tired, dated restaurant and pizzas that are so chewy you can hardly swallow them. The truth is, Pepe’s serves the worst pizza I have ever eaten in my life (and I’ve... More

Alan Richman Names Top 25 Pizzas in the U.S.

Chicago Upstart Great Lake Has Country's Best Pizza Alan Richman (left) and Lucali proprietor-pizzaiolo Mark Iacono (right) hold a copy of the June 2009 issue of "GQ" in front of Iacono's Lucali (the No. 2 pizza in the U.S.) at press event celebrating the story's May 19 publication. The issue contains Richman's "American Pie," a list of the top 25 pizzerias in the country. In the June issue of GQ, food writer extraordinaire Alan Richman ranks the top 25 pizzas in the U.S. after visiting what he considers the top 10 pizza cities in the country. The story is much... More

Dear Slice: Two More Frank Pepe's

Editor's note: Mark H. (aka Famdoc), is back with another field report. You may be familiar with Mark's dispatches from the Reykjavik Pizza Company in Reykjavik, Iceland; Jule's Thin Crust in Bucks County, Pennsylvania; and the Kula Lodge on Maui. Here, word on upcoming locations of Frank Pepe's --The Mgmt. Photograph by Robyn Lee Hey Adam, On our way back from picking our daughter up from school in Boston (the more you pay for tuition, the less school they actually provide), we stopped in New Haven for our favorite lunch. Having been to Pepe's a few times before, we had... More

Openings: Branch of New Haven's Famous Frank Pepe's Pizzeria Coming to Yonkers, New York

Photograph by Robyn Lee The Westchester County Business Journal has it that Frank Pepe's Pizzeria Napoletana is opening a branch in Yonkers, New York. "This will be our first venture outside our home base of Connecticut," said Kenneth Berry, chief operating officer of Frank Pepe's Development Company. He said the company hopes to build three or four more restaurants in Westchester over the next four to five years. William Fonte, of Trifont Realty, said the business partners are looking at sites in New Rochelle, Rye, North White Plains and Port Chester. OK. But are they going to use a... More

Dear Slice: Thanks for the Tip on New Haven

Clicking in to the Slice inbox today, we've got ... Photograph by Robyn Lee Hello, Love your website. Just made it to Frank Pepe for the first time and thought I'd share. Drove from New York City to Cape Cod this past Saturday and pulled over in New Haven. Couldn't remember the name of the pizza places in New Haven, so the first cop I saw I asked for directions to "that famous pizza place." He gave me directions to Frank Pepe. I arrived there at 1:45 p.m., and even though it was 95 and humid, there was a line... More

Seen on Craigslist: Live Near Frank Pepe's

$950 / 1br - steps to frank pepes in wooster square Lage apartment in down town wooster square, on site laundry, off street parking, large eat in kitchen, free storage space, If interested please respond to this email or call me at (203)XXX-XXXX. please specify the address in the subject title when responding to this email. thanks Tip o' the hat to Philip G. for the find.... More

Pepe's: Coming to a College Town Near You?

According to the Yale Daily News, the legendary Pepe's Pizza, in New Haven, Connecticut, is contemplating opening more branches in college towns across the country. But I wonder: Is it possible to clone high-quality, family-owned and operated pizzerias across state lines? Pepe's, a Slice favorite beloved by just about everyone, including Michael Stern of Roadfood, and me. Pepe's, which I named one of pizzadom's "keepers of the flame" in my book Pizza: A Slice of Heaven, had previously opened a branch in Fairfield, Connecticut, in 2005 and another in Mansfield, Connecticut, last month. I tried to go to the... More

NYT: Fairfield Pepe's as Good as New Haven Pepe's

It always becomes an issue when a highly regarded pizzeria opens a second location -- will the pies be as good at the new branch? Will production at the original branch suffer as a result of the new venture? The New York Times on the new Fairfield, Connecticut, branch of Frank Pepe's: To the average aficionado of thin-crust pies, the chewy, somewhat salty dough dished up by Fairfield’s Frank Pepe is every bit as good as any coming out of New Haven. One reason for that is the use of a coal-fired oven, which generates far more heat than most... More

Serious Eats Video: The Roadfood Crew Visits Pepe's

One of the (many) nice things about working at Serious Eats as its managing editor is that Slice now has access to some great video. We've been slaving away at Serious Eats world headquarters, making some good movin' pictures for you to watch, and this, IMHO, is one of the best. In it, we've worked with Michael Stern, who, along with his wife, Jane Stern, are the mad geniuses behind the Roadfood franchise—books, magazine columns, and the website. Here, Mr. Stern visits Frank Pepe's in New Haven. Tune in, turn on, and pig out!... More

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