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Venice, CA: On Gjelina and the Rise of Cheffy Pizza

"Cheffy" is a word that can go a couple different ways. To some, it means high-quality, ingredient-driven food that's sometimes complex, but always skillfully prepared. Others use it dismissively, and even pejoratively, to write off fare that they view as pretentious, esoteric, or overly complicated. No matter where you come out on the usage, I can assure you of one thing: Gjelina serves cheffy pizza. More

Daily Slice: Gjelina Take Away, Los Angeles

Eating at Gjelina Take Away's requires a level of trust. Like its parent restaurant, Gjelina, there are no substitutions allowed, and with little to no details on the handwritten menu you don't exactly know what you will get. But Executive Chef Travis Lett has earned the right to be aloof with his menu; he continuously conceptualizes and executes spot-on dishes. So with faith, I ordered the Squash Blossom pizza ($13). My anticipation became palpable as the counter girl winked and said "You're going to love it!" More

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