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New York's Artichoke Basille Pizza: Why The Controversy?

At Slice we're not ones to throw around judgement without due diligence and back up, so In the interest of TRUTH (and a opinion), I decided to revisit Artichoke to re-assess their entire pizza menu, top to bottom. In the interest of thoroughness, I visited multiple times—at 11AM when the first round pies are coming straight out of the oven, at noon when the first square pies emerge, and again in the mid-afternoon when a re-heat is necessary on your slices. More

Adrienne's Pizzabar: Whatever You Call It, It's Great

What I love just as much as the confluence of great ingredients, though, is the riot of textures on this pizza. The airy, puffy parts of the dough are crisp yet soft and pillowy. The thinner parts that didn't rise as much are crisper and dense and get a little more oily and almost fried in the pan. The regular "aged" mozzarella in spots chars a bit and takes on that crunchy texture that I love in Detroit-style pan pizzas. And the fresh mozzarella remains creamy throughout. More

The Pizza Lab: No-Roll, No-Stretch Sicilian-Style Square Pizza at Home

The ideal square pie needs a soft, moderately chewy, and pliant crust, with an almost fried crispness to the bottom. The layer of cheese should be thicker than on a traditional pizza, and as for the sauce, I like it with a hint of roasted garlic, a touch of herbs, and lightly cooked with a distinct sweetness and overt tomato flavor. I know—I'm a demanding guy, but I'm also willing to work for my pies. 23 takeout containers worth of leftovers,** 8 pounds of mozzarella, 16 pounds of flour, and more tomatoes than you can shake a stick at later, I finally achieved the pie of my dreams. Let me walk you through it. More

Who's your grandma? UES Abitino's nonna pie doin' it right

"Burnt cheese is not a gimmick, it's a guilty pleasure that we should all indulge in..." [Photographs: DJ Bubbles] Abitino's (UES) 1592 First Avenue, New York NY 10028 (82nd/83rd; map); 212-734-8800; abitinospizza.com Pizza style: Grandma pies and slices Oven type: Steel-deck gas-fired The Skinny: The grandma pies here are the thing to get. Make sure to order them well-done Whatever happened to "What can I get for your, sir?" when you walk into a pizzeria? These days, I'm getting a lot of "Whaddya want, tons of fun?" It's that type of treatment that has had me ordering in lately. Back... More

What Is Grandma Pizza? Erica Marcus Explains Once More

Newsday This story on grandma pizza is a bit of a reheat, both on Newsday's part and on Slice's. This story ran in 2003, and I think we linked to it at some point, but it looks like people have been asking more and more about this style of pie. And so Erica Marcus, who wrote the article almost five years ago, trots it out again. It's definitely worth it, as in the last five years the grandma pie has exploded onto the scene. It used to be hard to find outside of Long Island, but now it's all... More

The Best Grandma Slice in New York?

Ladies and gents, Slice's favorite drive-by pizza reviewer is back after a long absence. That's right, DJ Bubbles, whose credentials are best explained by the man himself in his message below, has resurfaced with the following email, to which he attached two photos--one presumably of himself and the other, I'm guessing, his dog, who I'm going to christen DJ Doggles. Buon appetito! --The Mgmt. Attenzione, New Yorkers: Slice is in Bubble Trouble again as New York City's number one player hater is back on attack. The primogenitor of the Definitive NYC Top Ten Pizza List (the most commented-on article in... More

Adrienne's in the 'New York Times'

Peter Meehan visits Adrienne's Pizza Bar and finds that "the difference is night and day." He's talking about the vibe and the menu at lunch and dinner. Until 5 p.m. or so, Adrienne's Pizza Bar is brightly lighted and bustling. Those who need to rush back to the office - Adrienne's is in the financial district - can grab a slice from the counter near the Pearl Street entrance. Those with time to linger can order from a simple menu that features gigantic 10-slice rectangular pizzas ($15) with a bevy of toppings to choose from ($3 each), as well... More

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